6. Constipation

This is another complication that is seen in women who does less walking and eat refined foods and drink less water. Walking causes movements in intestines and this helps in the evacuation of stools. Sedantary people have more constipation problems than who are active. Constipation is not only uncomfortable for the mother but also increases toxicity in the system. Doing water therapy throughout pregnancy prevents these complications.

7.Gas and indigestion:

The list of problems associated with not walking increases and one among them is gas problems and indigestion. Walking causes movements in intestines and helps in getting rid of gas. Eating without food getting digested is one of the reasons. Drinking or eating lot of cold foods also can contribute because it can cause poor  secretion of digestive juices. So drinking a glass of warm water before 30 to 60 minutes  prior to eating will help in good secretion of digestive juices. Using lots of ginger and garlic enhances digestion. In our experience drinking warm water is the best among all.

8. Anemia

Anemia occurs due to many reasons. it could be because of diet poor in iron or poor absorption in the intestines. How to treat anemia? Taking iron supplement is the most common approach, but will cause constipation. But the greater damage taking iron supplements is that they cause oxidation reactions in the body that will damage many cells. Taking iron in the natural way is the best option.

    Eat one organic orange every day. But it has 12 pieces. So eat two pieces
before breakfast, two after breakfast, two before lunch and two after
lunch and then two before snack time and two after and two before dinner. This will give vitamin C which would increase iron absorption. Also cook
food in iron vessels and to get natural iron.

If the intestine is not clean enough, poor absorption of iron could happen. Castor oil cleansing is recommended except during pregnancy and liver diseases. Then we recommend  doing water therapy. Water therapy apart from keeping the intestine clean and promoting absorption, facilitates the proper use of the absorbed iron.

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