Food and Thoughts

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We have given you the introduction that the food we eat and thoughts that we think are equally important.

"We are what we think we are".

Therefore let us briefly understand initially the importance of food and then go in detail about the importance of thoughts. In later sections we will discuss about  diet.

Food and body

After the fusion of the sperm and egg, the zygote starts to multiply. The nutrition for the growing embryo comes from the mother's body through the blood. So nourishment for the growth of the embryo is dependant on the mother's nourishment.

One has to understand the logic that the body of the growing infant is derived from Food. That is why Vedic tradition says this body is nothing but food. The quality of the food eaten by the mother determines the quality of the child’s body. Whatever the mother eats, directly or indirectly, affects the child's body. This is like building a house or a car. The better the quality of the building materials we use to build the house or car, the lesser problems or repairs in future.

Through improved sanitary conditions and vaccinations we are able to control many infectious diseases in children. However these are giving rise to other problems in children. Allergies and immunity problems are increasing because of the unnatural and premature boosting of immunity through vaccinations. The wise approach is to build a healthy body and keep it free from diseases.

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