The  four states of pleasures in Sexual act.


The sexual act is done for four basic purposes.  One for intellectual reason of reproduction. other than that major reason is for  pleasure. Like Happiness, there are four states of getting this happiness.

   At body level, the pleasure is focused only at gratifying the senses. There is no emotional love or attachment. This is why sexual act is called prostitutional and not respected.  In this sexual act only the body organs are involved and nothing more than that and the pleasure last only for that moment.

   But when sexual act occurs out of showing an emotional bondage (at Mind level), the pleasure is both for the sensual organs and also for the mind , that it last for more hours or even few days.

   When the sexual day is done for bearing the child, there is please at body level, mind level and at the intellect level and may last for whole life time.

    When the Sexual act is done at the awareness level, then there is all the levels of pleasure at body, mind, intellect and awareness level and the pleasure last for eternal.  This is the essence of Tantric Sex, to have the all four stages of pleasure.

    How to attain Sexual pleasure at Awareness level?.

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