The Physical Sexual act

The key is to touch and stimulate the clitoris, a small organ but the most sensitive erogenous zone of a woman.

  The male should  touch and stimulate this organ, can lubricate with oil or with aloe-vera natural fluid or a commercial gel (natural best).

This touch and stimulating the clitoris will give immense pleasure to the women.  Touching this clitoris by hand or rubbing with the male organ also will excite. Only when the women gets her natural lubrication in her vagina and in the highly excited state the male should insert the penis in the vagina, resulting in coitus.

To engage in coitus, the erect penis is inserted into the vagina and one or both of the partners move their hips to move the penis backward and forward inside the vagina to cause friction, typically without fully removing the penis. In this way, they stimulate themselves and each other, often continuing until orgasm in both the partners is achieved. It is important that the female attain orgasm first, so that the male gets immense pleasure due to secretions she produces in the vagina (Ladies first,  always).

This is the basis of Tantric Sex. the female should first get orgasm and then only the male should ejaculate and get orgasm. This way both the male and the female gets complete sexual satisfaction.By this approach, the dryness of vagina and the difficulty to penetrate penis into vagina can be resolved.

In our practical experience we recommend doing Pranayama, meditation and relaxation  before the sexual act.  This gives immense control over the minds of the couples and can help prolong the time of foreplay and the sexual act.

Pre-mature ejaculation:

Pre-mature ejaculation and lack of sexual desire are some of the problems that most couples tell us. Inspite of using harmful medications like Viagra many couples fail in  prolonged sexual gratification. Where is the problem?. Problem lies in the state of the minds of the couple engaged in the act.

According to Vedic tradition, the Ego, the feeling of "I" ness is the root cause for ignorance and suffering. In couples engaged in Sexual act , each one's mind is focused to derive maximum pleasure forgetting the other partner. Here is the catch 20. This is the act wherein without complete union of two individuals one does not the wholesome the completeness of enjoyment. This is the act when the individual Ego has to melt down.

Sexual act is a Yoga, union and is divine because that is the gateway leading to the birth of a being. Vedic Tradition is the only tradition  that considers Sexual act as divine. In most of the Indian Hindu temples, one could find the sculptures of Sexual act. This lead to another mis-interpretation of Symbolic Vedic images like Linga as Phallus.To get maximum sexual gratification untouched by the common sexual problems we give the simple Yogic method of enacting the sexual act.

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