Effective solutions to some problems of both women and men are addressed here.
1. Pre-mature ejaculation
2. Problems in male and female orgasms.
3. Dryness and lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse.

If understands the deep concept in the Sexual intercourse all these problems can be easily be overcome. We will first discuss the sexual act, then discuss the problems associated with it. 

   Here we will be discussing about the Vaginal sexual intercourse, also called coitus or copulation. The purpose of this is for reproduction but also performed exclusively for pleasure and/or as an expression of love and emotional intimacy.

   Sexual intercourse or Coitus may be preceded by foreplay, which leads to sexual arousal of the partners, resulting in the erection of the penis and natural lubrication of the vagina.

Kama Sutra (Sex-Secret): It is the natural lubricated state of the female that gives maximum pleasure to the male. That is,   the male,  gets highest pleasure when he inserts the male organs into the highly lubricated Vagina. The natural lubrication a female produces in her excited state cannot be matched by any oil or a chemical gel. because in excitation , female not only produces lubrication in vagina, her brain produces gamma waves of happiness which induces the same in the male's brain also. This is the secret of Tantra-Sex(we will discuss later).

   So when the female is lubricated both at the body (Vagina) and excited at the mind level, she enjoys maximum pleasure and in-turn gives that pleasure to the male. This pleasure of the Male amplifies the pleasure to the female, when he does the to-and-fro movements of his male organs in the vagina. This gives the highest pleasure to the female.  With this she lubricates more and give more pleasure to male. It becomes a chain reaction, like a bomb-reaction and explodes in tremendous pleasure. This is the secret of Tantra-Sex, (we will discuss later).

The Fore-Play: Many couples write to us about dryness of vagina and the pain associated with it when the male organ is inserted or in other cases, the inability to penetrate the male organ into the female vagina. We will discuss here the simple and most effective ways to achieve successful and pleasurable sexual act.

The key factor: Our objective is not to discuss here about the various acts of foreplay, but give you the essence of why a foreplay is vital and help you find your own ways of foreplay which will suit you.

   Arousal in men is quick , but in female it is sometimes slow.  The male gets full pleasure when he ejaculates the sperm which is called as male-orgasm. It is natural that the male gets complete satisfaction when through his male organ rubs against the soft and stimulating sensitive female vagina. The vagina can be lubricated with oils or aloe-vera natural or commercial gels. But the point is that these artificial lubrications does  give only the pleasure at the sensual level.

   Complete pleasure comes only when the female attains orgasm and when she secretes natural lubrication. In this highly lubricated state if the man attains orgasm, then  he attains the highest un-imaginable pleasure.

   So arousing the female and help her get orgasm should be the goal of the male's mind. The male should stimulate all the points of the female body which will achieve this purpose. This differs from each individual female. Not all like the same act. Some women have sensitive facial area, some like more breast sucking or kissing acts, some like more the thigh regions, some more stimulation of the vaginal area.


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