Kama Shastra 
The Art and Science of Sexual act


At this juncture we like to discuss about the art and science Sexual act (intercourse) which has lot of importance for a spiritual pregnancy.

   The Vedic branch of science  about Sexual act is the kama-Shastra.  Like the other Vedic information, sadly, this is also  widely mis-interpreted.  For the past few decades , due to the Western science influence, many modern Indians argued that the information given in Kama-shastra about avoiding Sex during menstrual period is orthodox thinking and is superstitious. However this information proved to be correct recently that women and men are both prone to get more venereal diseases when have sex during the menstruation days. The cervix in the women is opened to let go the menstrual blood and so vaginal intercourse increases the chance of getting infectious germs into the uterus.

   In ancient India (personally we know till the late eighty's) women in menstrual days were secluded from being even touched by others. they have to be in a private room the whole 3 to 5 days.

   Psychologically and physiologically women needs rest on the menstrual days. Exerting these days, women stress a lot their mind and body, increasing the chances of diseases like cancer, poor immunity and other ailments.  Lot of gynecological problems have sky-rocketed,  especially in India after women started feeling that these ancient orthodox feelings were nothing but a means to suppress women's freedom.

  The Vedic tradition, keeping the above health factor as the background and also to avoid sexual advancement of the husband from the menstruating wife and also to shun women from all house hold work and professional work, they were labeled as  impure, allowing women to have their monthly resting time for good health. Actually a women becomes pure body wise and mind wise on the menstrual days, but the ancient people knew for this particular event, a negative word of impurity works better than a positive word (see Negative words register the brain faster. )

   Our suggestion to women who plan for healthy pregnancy, give some time as rest during the menstrual cycle, especially those who have gynecological problems.

   Kama-Shastra not only gives the correct information about having sex at the body level but also at the mind level.


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