Planning Pregnancy


Ancient medicinal system recommends that the married couple take some steps before planning a pregnancy. Modern science understands only this fact through recent research. See this recent proof (click the link to read). Good Nutrition Starts Before Conception: Maternal Diet Critical To Health Of Offspring.

   Three months before the planned pregnancy, the couple should eat good nutritious food. Eat only organically grown food free from pesticides and herbicides. The good life style to be practiced during pregnancy should first begin before pregnancy. After getting pregnant it is difficult to inculcate healthy practices. So it is good to start before getting pregnant.

   The best approach  is for the couple to go through a thorough physical cleanse. Water therapy, juice fasting and castor oil cleansing are simple ways to achieve this purpose. This will help the male to donate healthy sperm and the mother to contribute a healthy egg and also a toxic free environment for the growing infant.  Modern science shows that as women get older the chances of giving birth to genetically abnormal children increases. This holds good for men too. Men's age, irrespective of women’s age, increases not only genetic abnormality but also the chances of miscarriages.


Blood test: Both the parents should do blood tests and see if they are having any abnormal blood parameters like blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL and hemoglobin.

   For female it is good to increase hemoglobin levels before attempting pregnancy. After getting pregnant and then trying to correct the parameters is stressful for both mother and child.

Only after doing this go for pregnancy and so the child born will be of good health.

In Sanskrit, the uterus is called "kshetra" which means ground. A plant will grow healthy and yield good, healthy fruit only if the soil or ground is good and fertile. In the same way the health of the uterus should be taken into account before the pregnancy to have a healthy child and easy delivery.

"Taasu uttaro-uttaram aayuh aarogya-aishwarya-soubhaagya-bal-varnendriya-sampat

apatyasya bhavati atah paramtu uttaro-uttaram eva aayuraadinaam hraasah".

   This means that 12 days after menstruation if there is conception, then the off-spring is healthy, comfortable and strong.  After the 12th day, these qualities steadily decline. Therefore, the 12th day after a monthly period ceases is excellent to conceive a biologically, psychologically healthy progeny.

   Function of menstruation is to clean the womb and expel all impurities and introduce the flow of pure blood which makes the walls of the womb accept the embryo. This is evident in the following shloka:

"Nipataat eva grinhaati raagam vaaso khetrabeejam upaskritam"

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