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Pregnancy News 2017


Higher Blood Sugar in Early Pregnancy Raises Baby's Heart-Defect Risk

Morning Sickness Linked to Lower Risk of Pregnancy Loss


Is Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring Useful for All Women in Labor?



Maternal knowledge, attitude and practices regarding childhood acute respiratory...

Breast-feeding practices in rural Karnataka (India) with special reference to la...

Castor oil for induction of labour: a retrospective study. - PubMed - NCBI

Castor oil for induction of labor in post-date pregnancies: A randomized control...

Castor oil for induction of labor in post-date pregnancies: A randomized controlled trial.


Antibiotics taken late in pregnancy can increase risk for inflammatory bowel diseases in offspring



A Mother's Voice May Help Stabilize Preterm Infants (Indian mothers always used to sing lullabies).

Traditional beliefs part of people's lives. - PubMed - NCBI


Early Life Antibiotic Use Linked to Inflammatory Gut Diseases in Adulthood


Newborns Get Infection Protection, Not Just Digestion, from Gut Bacteria, New Study in Mice Shows

Maternal Stress During Pregnancy Could Influence the Biological Clock for Aging


How a Beneficial Gut Microbe Adapted to Breast Milk

Low-Dose Penicillin in Early Life or pregnancy Induces Long-Term Changes in Behavior


Mothers and infants connect through song

For Bonding and Breastfeeding, Newborns Benefit from a Cheek Full of Dextrose (Earlier Indian traditional rituals of giving honey to new born baby was pointed as dangerous and now modern medicine says sweet dextraose can be given).

Autism may begin early in brain development

Children exposed to complications at birth at risk of autism, study finds


New Data Show Heightened Risk of Birth Defects With Antidepressants Prescribed During Pregnancy

Heartburn Pills in Pregnancy May Be Linked to Childhood Asthma

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