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 Pregnancy News-2014

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December 2014

Obesity in Pregnancy Harms Stem Cells in Fetus

Pregnancy Germs - Friend or Foe?

Delay Cutting Umbilical Cord: Better Development

Poor Semen Quality Linked Health Problems

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Starts in Pregnancy

Phthalate Exposure and Lower IQ in Children

November 2014

Skin-To-Skin Contact: Mothers, Babies Benefit

Dirty Air During Pregnancy: Childhood ADHD Risk

High-Fat Diets in Pregnancy: Baby's Brain (this is why in our post-delivery care we follow the Indian tradition of eating lightly after delivery and not all the high protein high fat should damaging the immunity of the new born child).

October 2014

Exposure to Aluminum Impacts Male Fertility?

Birth Season Affects Your Mood in Later Life

Baby's Health Begins Before Pregnancy

Diet, Exercise During Pregnancy: Hidden Benefits

More Mutations in Kids Born to Older Mothers (we therefore recommend to get pregnant earlier and also do cleansing before pregnancy as another level of protection)

September 2014

Flu During Pregnancy Turns Up Immune Response

Breast Milk: Dietary Fats and Academic Success

Greener Neighborhoods, Better Birth Outcomes

Breast Vs. Bottle in Immunologic Development

Pregnant? Know Your Soaps and Cosmetics

August 2014

Gestational Diabetes Trends: Kids With Diabetes?

Smoking In Pregnancy Affects Grandkids' Growth? (If chemicals in smoke can affect so much, then think of chemicals in our foods, and also the our thoughts? See our pregnancy section for details).

Babies' Health Starts Before Conception: Study (This is why we always recommended cleansing before pregnancy)


Stress in Pregnancy Passed Through Generations (This is until 1980's pregnant women had too many dont do's, like not to stress, not to eat outside food, not go outdoors after evening time, not have any emotional stress etc. After 1980's many women thought these are all superstitions of the past. Now thanks to modern research proving the old formula as correct).

Stress During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma Risk

Bisphenol A, Food Intolerance: Link Established

Chemical in Mom Negatively Affects IQ of Baby?

Got morning sickness? New research shows it might be better for your babys For many years we have been recommending not to take medications to stop morning sickness (see our link).

July 2014

How 'Good Mothering' Hardwires Infant Brain

Diet during Pregnancy Linked to Diabetes in Grandchildren

June 2014

Prenatal Stress Linked to Brain Dysfunction (When grandmothers used to suggest women to avoid stress, modern women hardly paid attention and result in many children health and psychological issues. Now modern research proves old grandma advice).


Prenatal Maternal Stress: Asthma, Autism Traits

Autism Linked to Steroid Hormones in Womb

May 2014

Stress Degrades Sperm Quality: Study

Poor Diet Before Pregnancy: Preterm Birth?

Observing Stress Can Trigger Physical Response

Cause of Many Preterm Births: Aging Placenta

Mom's Diet Affects 'Silencing' of Child's Genes

April 2014

Pregnant With High Blood Pressure? Risk to Baby


SSRI Use During Pregnancy Linked to Autism
Language Structure: You're Born With It

Autism Begins in Pregnancy, Study Suggests

Baby Weight' After Giving Birth Can Be Risky

Breast Microbiota Study Raises Questions

Stress Impacts Ability to Get Pregnant: Study

Cut Obesity With Breast Milk, Good Toddler Diet


March 2014

Preterm Delivery: Healthy Eating May Reduce Risk 

February 2014

Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Linked to ADHD?

For Infants, Stress May Be Caught, Not Taught

January 2014


Fathers' Diet, Bodyweight, Health at Conception May Contribute to Obesity in Offspring

Higher Vitamin D Levels in Pregnancy Could Help Babies Become Stronger


Depression in Pregnant Mothers May Alter the Pattern of Brain Development in Their Babies



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