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Sakthi Health  News-2013

(uni5 comments will be given in green)

 December 2013

Children at Lower Risk for Peanut, Tree Nut Allergies If Moms Ate More Nuts While Pregnant, Study Suggests

You Are What Your Father Eats: Father's Diet Before Conception Plays Crucial Role in Offspring's Health, Study Suggests

Alcohol in Pregnancy Causes Children to Have Impaired Social Skills

Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Disrupts Brain Circuitry: No Safe Level of Drinking During Pregnancy, Neuroscientist Says

October 2013

Moms May Pass Effects of Stress to Offspring Via Vaginal Bacteria, Placenta


How Are Children Affected by Maternal Anxiety and Depression?

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Could Elevate Risk of Future Stroke

Something in the (Expecting Mother's) Water: Contaminated Water Breeds Low-Weight Babies, Sometimes Born Prematurely (uni5: We recommend to drink water boiled with herbs like small quantiies of ginger, corrainder etc, which will precipitate these chemicals)

Air Pollution and Psychological Distress During Pregnancy

Incident Rates Rising for Post-Partum Depression Among Women, Risk Factor for Suicide

Babies Born at 37 and 38 Weeks at Higher Risk for Adverse Health Outcomes

September 2013

Risk of Birth Defects Among Women Who Take Antihistamines in Pregnancy

Diet During Pregnancy and Early Life May Affect Children's Behavior and Intelligence

DNA Changes During Pregnancy Persist Into Childhood


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