Music the first connection of

Awareness Energy to the Body Energy.


The ears are the first sensory organ to develop brain connections, it is as early as five months that the ears are fully developed that is why babies inside the tummy are responding and moving to whatever sound they hear.

   The sense of hearing is the first to develop in the uterus. At 135 days of gestation, a full sized cochlea has already developed in the baby. The first part of that hearing system to develop is the part that senses high frequencies. Thus, we can see that hearing is very primary to brain development, especially the part that hears high frequency sounds—which is often the first to be lost when there are hearing problems.

   This is why in Vedic Tradition, as soon as the baby is born, two stones are rubbed near the ears of the child, because it is the hearing sense organ that is the most developed at that state. Rubbing of  the stones brings awareness of the "Earth  to the child.

   During pregnancy this is why in the "Seemantham" ceremonies glass bangles made from "Earth" are given in  the pregnant women to wear, so that the child hears the musical sounds and its awareness is trained.

   All Vedic traditions have similar health and psychological benefits which in modern times we ignore them as unwanted superstitions.  Ancient women used to sing lullabies even before the child was born because through these lullabies they were imparting the child the knowledge of culture and human values very early in the development that it gets imprinted in the mind.

   Modern research is slowing learning this ancient fact of the influence of Music. We request readers to do searches for this information. for your convenience we give a few of them , in these links like

1. The Importance of Prenatal Sound and  Music 2. Fetal learning

   The type of music of course has its own influence on the child. usually gentle and melodious music is recommended.  Here is our recommendation.

   Listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam during pregnancy is considered to the best because of its high musical note and vibrations that completely influence.

   The left brain is the logical side and the right brain the emotional side.  Left brain is the math side and right the art side. Music bridges between math and art. Art is symbolic and math is the logical  fundamental of that symbols. Music is the mathematical expression of symbols.

   The bridging of Art and Maths in the musical form is the fundamental core in the Vedic chanting of Vishnu Saharanamam.  The neuronal traffic between the two brain hemispheres is well orchestered while listening to this Vedic chanting. Hence it is of utmost importance to listen to Vishnu Sahasranam during pregnancy making the child excel in the knowledge of Arts and Science without losing the awareness of the divine.

   Similar to other Vedic texts , Vishnu Sahasranama  starts with a dialogue between the great grandfather  Bheesma and the great grand-son  Yudhisthira seeking answers to eternity. The musical chanting uplifts the spirit of the listener and at the same time imparts physiological benefits to the body. Anyone who listens to this enchanting music can see physiological changes in a treadmill, like changes in blood pressure, pulse rate and breathing pattern.

   It is beyond doubt that the psychology and physiology is influenced in a very positive way when the mother listens with full awareness to Vishnu Sahasranama during pregnancy. Listening to this Vedic chant during any work brings indescribable benefits to the mother and child.

   We have stories of mothers who listened to Vishnu sahasranamam during pregnancy and seeing amazing difference in the intelligence of their children as they grow up.

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