Purpose of Rituals


The purpose of life is to be happy and all actions in life  are oriented to  be happy.  Rituals are actions performed to remind us to  maintain that happiness throughout life. Therefore ritualistic processes involve transforming (Self-repairing) actions to move forward to the deeper states of happiness.Since fulfilling desires brings happiness, ritualistic processes are designed to harness the powers of body , mind, intelligence and Awareness to achieve the goal.

    All living beings reproduce and is naturally the desire of Human beings too. But we a different wish than the animals. The wish to give birth to a Super-child is as old as Time. The characteristics required in a super-child, however, vary among individuals. Some desire a child with good health, brave warriors in olden days, super intelligence, super genius, versatile artistic qualities, spiritual qualities and so on. We desire or may not desire but if we so desire do we get such a super child? Modern scientists think that cloning a child by changing genetics may be the answer. But we have already seen that children born of the same parents, or same gene-pool, are different and we understand that this is the result of the mother's mental state during pregnancy.

   Ancient Indian thinkers have researched the influence of genetics and environment on the qualities of a child. Thus the ancient Indian thinkers fall into two categories. One class of thinkers say that a human being is a consequence of heredity (vanshaanu-sankraman), the other class of thinkers propound that heredity can be altered through desired environment (ichchhit parayaavaran). The Vedic Sanskaar system is a synthesis of both these theories.

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