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SAKTHI VIDHYA SEVANAM , the  After School Program

Serve to be Self Served (SSS)  by “Teach to be Taught” Program (TTT)
‘’ Education is not just making the child to read and write what is given in the book. It is the process of internal evolution which makes the child to construct himself as the complete human being’’ - Dr.Maria Montessori[ 1870 -1952].
The objective of the Sakthi foundation After School Vidya Sevanam Project  is to give time for  children of any age group to internalize the various learning concepts of any disciplines of education. This is achieved by motivating children to teach other children what they know and indirectly helping themselves to be taught the concept in more depth. While teaching others one’s awareness on the subject deepens. This creates self responsibility and social responsibility. We got the initial idea from another NGO group in  Chennai. 
After school: In most places after school and play-time in the evening it is good that children spend time for their home work.  
We  motivate children to spend 2 hours in the after school program during which they will be spending 1.5 hrs for their own studies and spend 30 minutes in helping children two or three classes  below.  That is for 30 minutes a 12 grade student helps 9th or 10th grade students.  A 10 grade student then helps  7th or 8th grade students. A 8th grade helps 5th or 6th grade students. The remaining 1.3 hours they do their own study. 
This chain like helping will deepen their knowledge develop communication skills and social responsibility. 
Vidya Sevanam Groups: If some one takes responsibility in every village or townthe education standard will grow higher. From Sakthi foundation side we will guide students and parents to set up this activity and also give some study materials. 
As the schools are unable to give the opportunity to our children to practice, experience and explore various areas of education, it is our main aim to give that time to assist the child to understand and abstract the concepts so that later the basic foundation will be very strong.
The association will create time for children of mixed age group after their school timing for all 7 days.
Achievements at Vidya Sevanam:
The timing can be 2 solid constructive hours. This timing can be used for the various activities such as,
1.     To exercise better communication skills in own language or spoken English.
2.     To assist the children to improve their written language skills through creative writing  etc.
3.     To establish special mathematics session with Montessori equipments to reinforce math concepts.
4.     To reinforce the concepts in all science subjects. Creative practical demonstrations to understand the concepts deeply.
5.     To bring out various artistic talents of children in a constructive way.
6.     To improve the various social skills of our children to have a healthy social contact.
7.     To establish a good reading session by setting up an age appropriate library.
8.     To involve children in various environmental conservation awareness activities.
9.     To plan and arrange educational short trips along with fun.
10.                        To assist the school final children to prepare for the various entrance exams and interviews.
11.                        To assist them to know much more about various college courses.
12.                          To prepare the present generation to respect and care the heritage of the nation.
13.                        To be aware of health and physical activity.
14.                         Parents awareness in children’s growth.
Aim of Sakthi Foundation is to collaborate with other organizations all over the world.
What Sakthi Foundation provides:
1.     The principle, objective and the steps to conducts such classes.
2.     Incorporate  good principles from other organizations.
3.     Teaching materials and training to volunteers.
Expenses: The collaborating organization can charge a very nominal fee from the students. The fee will be discounted from 100% to 0% based on these factors.
1.     Attendance of student to the program. More attendance more discount.
2.     Student involved in teaching other lower class students.
3.     Other volunteering activity
4.     Financial background
Volunteers: Parents, Retired teachers or responsible senior citizens or any adult.
We are soon implementing this program in a few villages of kerala and Tamil Nadu. We welcome anyone to make use of this program from part of  the globe.
Any residential group in villages or cities can start this program. Families in flats can do this program in their apartment complex. 
In smaller towns, a group of residents in a  street can do this.
In Villages a group of families can do this program.     
This learning center also can give small scale employments to women who can do a part time job, helping their own child also.
Find a common place. Or volunteer a house on weekly basis. 
Healthy snacks can be provided.  Materials should be provided by the center, but cooked or prepared by the parent. Snacks  is optional if children spend more than 2 hrs at the center.
The center can advance from seven days evening program to Saturday Sunday day center also. 
Sakthi Unniyaarthi Program (Kerala) www.supy.org
Sakthi- kutti-Maanavar program (Tamil Nadu) www.kumar.org
Sakthi Awareful Baby growing Program (SABGP.org)
Employed mothers is fast growing. Wisdom from Grand parents is also missing while a baby is growing. Commercial Day care centers may not be  fully giving the nuture and knowledge , a growing baby needs. 
A great human society is possible when a high percentage of  socially caring population exist. Sakthi Foundation vision is to create such a world.  We start these steps from the time of marriage of a couple. High awareness of a couple will give birth to a child with high values in life. Pregnancy is a very vital step in this process. Next is the after birth process. In this regard we help residential families units in a city or village to start this, giving small scale employments to women. Indirectly help their own children also.

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