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Cultural India

Connecting Culture programs

We are regularly conducting free classes for Connecting Culture programs called

1.CCC - Connecting children to culture

2. CAC - Connecting Adults to culture

3. CCC2- Connecting Corporates to culture.

These are not  classes to promote religions , but to strengthen the spiritual scientific cultural tradition of Ancient India that are meant for healthy and peaceful family life.

Dr.madeswaran classes in several cities in CCC for conencting to culture is to restore the spiritual science of India for leading a happy life. These events are not religious events, but do use the symbols of Ancient Indian Spiritual science.

Puthiyathor Trust

Ramavaram, Chennai

Value of Culture through Uni5

puthiyathor-sep2012-2April 2012 to August 2012 for Economically backward children

Dr.madeswaran CCC class




Children are taught self responsibility by helping them to puthiyathor-sep2012-1connect to culture and the value of culture in brining happiness in life. Very practical examples which children bring out instead of a listening to a culture. The Uni5  is offered as a template for them to self understand by connecting to the actions in life.


Meeting with Namma Uru trust members with Dr.Pradheep Challiyil
Date: 23.11.2013, Venu: Namma Uru trust office
Memebers: Dr.Narayanan [founder of Pudhiyadhor trust], Dr.Pradheep Challiyil, Dr.Madeswaran, Mr.Suren, Mr.Mohanasundaram, Mr.Sugumar, Mr.Vasanth, Mr.Rahul and Mr.Hari
* The meeting is a formal setup to introduce Namma Uru members to Dr.Pradheep.
* The trust explained in detail about their objective and mission.
* The members shared their experiences in Sendurai and Coimbatore schools after observation.
* Formal thanking was offered to Sakthi foundation for sponsoring for their fresh Montessori school project in Varadharajapuram village - Kanchipuram Dt.
* The members have requested for further financial help extension for an other school setup in Pungeri village  near Chennai.
* Fees paid [Rs.8000 per student] to 2 of their candidates through us for teacher training course has to be given back in installment. [Rs.1000 per month]
* That money can be paid as staff salary to one teacher in Pungeri village.
* Feed back about uni5 class through skype communication was given.
* Dr.Pradheep gave a detail talk about uni5 educational concept.
* Threading beads material was given to the members to initiate their fresh school in Pungeri.
* Alternative medication by uni5.org was shared.

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