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Pongalur Uni5 Panchayat (PUP)

In the beautiful village of Pongalur, Tamil nadu, under the initiation of Mr. M. Ganeshkumar, Mr.Senthil kumar and Mrs.Gomathi, the Pongalur Uni5 Panchayat (PUP) program has been initiated.

Panchayat is generally mis-interpreted as a council of five members governing a province or involved in settling a dispute.  The word "Pancha" means five in sanskrit and "Panchayat" means the five attributes to be taken into consideration in any process.

At Pongalur we are trying to recreate the heritage of Panchayat functioning, where in the evening, the residents of a province will hold a gathering and talk about the events of the day. The discussion happens at the five level needs (attributes) of a human being, like a child. 

The meeting addresses all levels problems of the common man and find the most practical solution to it underthe leadership of the Five-Fold-Truth.

At Pongalur, every evening, in this gathering, the members first take rounds to briefly tell one good thing they did to the community-family on the day.

After this they answer questions relating to  any personal issues by discussing with an attitude to self correct , rather than finding fault with other individuals or situations. This positive approach nutures inner strength and peaceful bonding with the community members.

In this 30 to 45 minutes gathering they also plan for community benefiting plans.

No gossips, politics are entertained in this meeting. It is all about personality growth and development for leading a happy life.

Bhaarath (Anicent system), the perfect community model:  In Bhaarath  the panchayat gathering was a regular event in the evening and was sort of a micro-management of a community. This was an excellent model like the self-regulating cells of the body. In  human body, every cell organelles manages itself as a community. All the cells joined as a tissue then micro-manges itself, similarly the organs of the body.  No organ basically controls the body functioning. All the 100 trillion cells work in unison.  All cells in tissues of the human body are different in structure and functionally different. Yet they all have an united vision because they all micro manage themselves.

Each community of cells (organs) had their own chemical language for communication. There is no one single chemical that signals communication for all the cells of the human body. With the panchayat system of Bhaarath, there was no need for a natiionality feeling, because all the cells of micro-maanaged and felt they are all cells in one cosmic body. All ancient communities lived like a perfect healthy human body. When cells turned parasitic in nature to exploit other cells, then like infection, the human communities suffered.

In Modern society, community feeling in individuals is discouraged and cancerous attitude is motivated. A liver cell wanted to do the work of an epithelial cell and not its duty according to its genetic heritage. This is the typical nature of a cancer cell in a body. it is beneficial for the cancer cells, but for the body as a whole it is a disease. The cancerous nature of human community is affecting all other species and threatening the planet also.

Current India, was the last community to have the Panchayat system of the ancient Global Bhaarath. Until infectious foreign invasion and internal cancerous behaviour, this Panchayat system micro-managed a healthy soceity. Till then different cultural systems of the different organs of the body was able to harmoniously exist in India without the need of a one single government, policy system, one single national language, one single food type, clothing style etc. Ancient Bhaarath with its vivid languages, cultures could coexist in peace like the human body.

It is a wrong throught that current India needs one single national language, one tyep of food, one dress style, one music, one religion. Like a healthy body with its different functionality of cells, we still can live in unison with all different languages, life style, religions, with the Panchayat model, peacefully. What we have to do is to eradicate infectious and cancerous growth within the community. To achieve this no one can do a revolution. Every individual should do a change within hemself to bring a change in the world.

The Pongalur Uni5 Panchayat (PUP) is a first step in reviving the ancient heritage of comunity gathering and discusing the message of micro-management. PUP wishes to stand as a model to inspire such a cultural heritage to spread throughout the globe.

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