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     Benefits of Pranayam

  • Improves air circulation in the body
  • Removes toxins and purifies the body and maintains good health.
  • Enhances brain functions
  • Relieves many symptoms of diseases
  • Helps to observe thoughts and be in the awareness state (present).

                   A Word of Caution

When people begin to practice Pranayam, most of them fall sick. The reason is that they do not adopt the natural course. They inhale and exhale for such long intervals that it makes them sick. Be natural in every part of this breathing process. Make efforts, do your best to lengthen every process, but do not fatigue yourself.  If, after performing only the first two processes, say, the inhalation and keeping the breath in your lungs you feel tired, stop. You are under no obligation. The next day be more considerate continue the remaining processes; be judicious. This is the favorable method of controlling the breath. Pranayam is a kind of physical exercise;it has no mystical, divine meaning.

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