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How Pranayam Works

 Pranayam at a higher level of consciousness.
        Getting connected to nature increases healing power. Understand that the air you breathe comes from trees and  other plants around you. Feel the pure air and become one with the trees and plants. Give thanks in your mind to those oxygen givers for healing your body. Understand you are a part of nature as the trees and plants. This feeling of oneness or connectedness relieves all the stress in the body and strengthens your healing force.

       It is best to do Pranayam in a garden or at least before an indoor plant. Ask the plant(s) or tree(s) to give out healing oxygen and cleanse the disease(s) in your body. Imagine the plant or tree giving you healing oxygen and you are healed. This gives you positive vibrations and plants are known to take away our negative vibrations. You will get connected to the plant(s) and your awareness increases.

        The air we breathe has many functions in the body; the oxygen we breathe in is an electron acceptor in all metabolic reactions. The food we eat is for deriving  energy for doing action. Without energy, nothing will move. The food we eat has to be broken down (oxidized) to derive energy. In this process an electron that originally came from water goes back to water itself.  You will understand why our body needs oxygen by understanding how plants synthesize food (please refer to fire therapy section).

Feeling Oneness

The awareness then extends from the body to the universe and feels one with everything. This is a prerequisite for the ego-mind to dissolve and transcend all limitations imposed by the very own ego-mind.

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