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 Purification of Mind and Body

                           5 Steps

          Sakthi Foundation offers a five step process to achieve perfect health for a blissful life. Pancha means five (5) in the two ancient Indian languages Tamil and Sanskrit. We give you five or Pancha steps for leading a stress free life. These steps are essential principles. Bhoota means "essence" or "fundamental" in the same two ancient Indian languages Tamil and Sanskrit. These five essential principles or thePancha Bhootas are the causal principles of this world including humans.

          Pancha Bhoota healing stems from the use of the five essential principles that create and govern the universe. We will discuss the details subsequently. We will first understand the underlying theme of Pancha Bhoota healing. The theme is that the healing or vital force is always present in us. Due to the toxins (mental and physical) the healing force is blocked and hence the manifestation of diseases. This cleansing and detoxification is the theme of Pancha Bhoota healing.


             We have discussed earlier that the source for toxins in the mind and body are internal and also external. The internal toxins are metabolic waste produced due to  the innumerable physiological and metabolic processes that occur in our body. The external toxins are those that come from the environment  into our body. The process of protection of the body and mind from various harmful chemicals (both from those produced in the metabolic processes and those coming from outside) is a remarkable feat.

             The body has evolved over millions of years to promptly handle toxic chemicals. However, in this century, various toxins from the environment have become additional burdens for the human body. These toxic pollutants enter our body through the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. No wonder there is a global increase of cancer and other diseases at the turn of this century. The human body is choked with agents that affect us both at the physical and mental level.

         These toxins that are produced internally in the body and that come from the environment have to be removed from the body to be healthy. This is called cleansing or detoxifying the body. In fact, we should do this maintenance and repair job daily just like maintaining a library. 

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