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How to Begin?

      From the figure on the previous page we saw how health is maintained only by having good thoughts. Good thoughts only can take care of the restless mind.  All this  starts with the use of the intellect more than the emotional mind. The emotional mind always swings between different moods and this creates restlessness. The one action which we love to do would be boring if done repeatedly. This is the nature of the emotional mind.  Whereas the intellect has no such mood swings. It always works for the common good. Generally we do not like to work using our intellect  because it some times does not cater to our likes and dislikes.

O King! a man's body is his chariot, intellect is his guide. The senses (mind) are his horses. Equipped with  fine horses disciplined and vigilant, The  intelligent man, like an able charioteer travels happily on the journey of life. -Vidura Niti

    It is difficult to switch to a healthy way of living if you are not used to it. Sakthi Foundation comes to your rescue by giving you the means to adopt a life style which would benefit you at all levels.

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health disease 2


The Beginning

         You have to do two things at a time to get the best start. One is mental and the  other physical. Both help each other in boosting the other in the cyclic loop as we saw in the figure on the previous page. So both should go hand in hand.

        Now here are the steps. Remember the library example in the previous page?. A good library has good maintenance and repair of books. So let us first start with purification of mind and body. We will later discuss what purification of mind really means. Then, quite naturally, it will trigger good thoughts in us and get us into the loop system of good health.

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