The Growing Uni5 Sakthi Community

We thank these friends who help us in offering voluntary service in various activities of Sakthi foundation. This list may not be complete because there are names of friends though not listed here are working without even been noticed. Thanks to all of these friends too.


Arun for website work

Usha Nandhini for taking of patients healing and conducting courses

Lakshmi Priya for organizing zoom clsses

Subha Ramalingam for Organizing workshop

Vioa for organizing workshops

Ripunjaya for classes

Suresh Theethipalayam Uni5 schools Coimbatore and Board member.

Mr. Ranjith Ram Rony has given permission to use his wonderful scenic photos in our web site and also in dvd. We thank him for his photos.

Mrs. Ravethi Ravindran helped in cosmetic work on the Joomla web site from Jan 2012.  She also helped in translating some of the Tamil articles by Dr.Madeswaran into English.Thanks a lot Revathi

Mrs. Divya Surendiran helped in cosmetic work on the Joomla web site from Dec 2011.  She also helped in translating some of the Tamil articles by Dr.Madeswaran into English. Thanks a lot Divya. 

Mr. Rahul Vats for helping Sakthi Foundation to use Joomla like CMS. . Thanks a lot Rahul for giving a new face lift to the web site.

Mrs. Kalai Selvi Parri for sending thank you letters to all donors.

Mrs. Saroja Ayyakannu for sending thank you letters to all donors.

Praveen M.K (Dubai) - Created the home page for

Neelima kesava kumar (USA)- Wrote the first Telugu article for our site on Pancha Bhoota Healing. Also giving suggestion in the forum and  correcting some of the articles in 2012. Thanks a lot Neelima.

Meena Radhakrishnan (coimbatore) - Reformatted the language in Thiruppavai articles.

Mr.Muthu kumar, BE, MSc has a mechanical Engineer and computer background. He has helped initially to develop the web site of  Sakthifoundation.

Mrs.Monica Kar, is an expert in Homeopathic medicines and many years of experience in healing. She has contributed in editing the  Sakthi Foundation web content.

K. Chandrasekharan (Singapore) - Compiling food names in multi languages.

Mr.Ganesan  Marappan- Taking care of patient's prognosis and Indian Sakthi Foundation managing Director.

Mr.Nandakumar and Sudhakar - Helped in Making VCD of Pancha Bhoota in Tamil.

Monica Kar - English correction of Web contents.

Priyadarshan Balan - 2001 helped to correct grammar and web construction.

Christopher Haggard - who first helped us set web page for Sakthifoundation in 2000.

Mr.Bharat Jayaram, Mrs.Padma Jayaram and Mr.Suri Narayan helped us to make the First Music CD for Relaxation and Pancha Bhoota Meditation in Buffalo New York - 2000. 

Dr. Sathish Kumar Sabapathi: helped us in making the Pancha Bhoota Yoga DVD based on the Yoga taught by Vethathiri Maharishi - 2000.

Mr. Pari Shanmugam BE, a philanthropist, is a computer engineer by profession.  He helped to register Sakthi Foundation as a non-profit organization in the United States of America on 28th September 2000.

To all those great mind that inspired us to serve all with love.

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