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Iowa Fairfield Indian Group

The Fairfield Indian group community has been celebrating Vedic festivals since 2000 as family gatherings including Deepavali, Ganesh Pooja, Navarathri, Holi etc at some of the families houses.  

Eisner and Pharasi family followed by Sharma family and Kar family along with other families took it further at a community level

In 2002,  Sharma Family took the lead to bring the Deepavali event in morning star studio with skits involving adults depicting Ramayana again only to the indian families.  Kar's  contributed in helping children bhajan singing and in sponsoring the fire works. 

In the Year 2003, onwards the Deepavali celebration was opened to the general public. The first Deepavali event was at Morning star studio with around 130 people.

Since 2008 the audience level went up to 400 plus and been held every year at Stephen Sondheim Center  

(Fairfield Art & Convention Center for Performing Arts, 200 North Main St, Fairfield, Iowa 52556).

The Vedic city temple came in  2006 and the Devi Mandir temple (Created by Pandit. Samavedalu)  became functional  in 2005.  In 2006-7 after Pandit Sarathi joined,  many of the vedic rituals from families moved to these two venues. From 2016-17, Devi mandir became the prime place for the public for all the vedic festivals. 

However Deepavali continued  with a colorful variety of childrens' bhajan, dance-dramas, skits, Classical, Indian folklore and Bollywood dances at the city center. The profits from the show helped Devi Mandir Temple. All 20 plus families took responsibility in different areas of organizing the event. More than professionalism, the event had a touch of homeliness and so brought the sense of fun and traditional flavor more than a professional showup. This was the key to propel the event every year. 

The objective of the cultural event was to give the Knowledge and awareness of Indian cultural heritage to the children growing up in USA. Skits and cultural dances were  aimed to impart knowledge to children and adults than to have the professional touch. The tradition still continues. 

This is also a means for adults to show community responsibility and working for socail cuases to children. Not everybody gets a chance to do voluntary work when we are busy with profesional life. This event gives members of the Indian families a chance to do selfless or voluntary work or non-profit work and became inspiration for the future generation. 

Youtube links

Many of the video's of the events are given in this link.

skit themes and scripts

 Deepavali 2015 Prog

 Diwali 2015 poster





















Adults- $20

children above 5 years & Students - $15

For organizing....excel sheet.


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