A Guru is a similar to a doctor, who makes us understand the cause , then gives treatment and instructions fo prevention of the disease of life. Here the disease is the continuous birth and death cycles.

A Guru is a selfless person who helps every being without expecting anything in return. Guru does it with pure unconditional love.    The purpose of approaching a Guru is to learn how to connect the current problems of life to the previous birth mistakes. (The five Gurus')

Guru motivates us to do Selfless action which increases Self-Awareness and helps in transforming the SAL Energy at the same time prevent Energy draining actions. Through this process Guru helps the student to transform to be the embodiment of Love. This is Self realization or Moksha.

Cause and Effect: Every thought has a cause and effect. Previous thought is the cause for the current thought. The current thought will be the cause for the future thought. It is like a chain reaction. To make a good future, we have to change our current thought pattern. If we do not attempt for a change, we will continue with the same cause and effect of sufferings. This continuity is manifested as rebirth.

We undergo reincarnation in different bodies due to the increase and decrease of SAL Energy. This answers why movie stars, politicians, bussinessmen, millionaires and billionaires though tend to have a prosperous life is not guaranteed the same life in next birth. It all depends how much they will keep it for next life. Very few think of rebirth and reincarnation and takes care of it.

Many think reincarnation/rebirth is not true. There are several evidences including scientific research proving rebirth. Click here to read about rebirth and re-incarnation

Sakthi Foundation helps everyone to change at the Energy level (Sakthi Foundation) through its five principles.

The Five Principles of Uni5 Sakthi Foundation

1. Purpose of Life is to be Happy.

2. Everything is SAL Energy that manifests as our Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. This same SAL Energy also exists as the Five Pancha Bhootas, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space in Nature.

3. Our own actions (positive or negative) determine whether SAL Energy is consumed or transformed. Happiness and sorrows are credits and debits in Karma Bank account.

4. Our current problems in life are directly related to the earlier mistakes we have done in the past. Awareness is the only way to connect to this knowledge.

5. Goal of life is to transform all the material Energy to Sal Energy through Selfless actions, which inturn loses its identity to Consciousness, called as Moksha. Om Shanthi, Shanthi , Shanthihi.

Please click here to read Sakthi Uni5 Mandala way you could increase SAl Energy. We are providing with Eco Friendly Areca nut boxes for Sakthi Uni5 Mandala (contact us for free boxes) Note:  

This whole web site explains the above principles in all five levels. This is also taught to children, adults and corporate through CCC, CAC and CCC2 programs.  The Uni5 Sakthi school has this as the curriculum through which they connects themselves to all the Arts, Math and Sciences they learn.

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