Getting Loans is possible through rituals.


This is not a religious approach. But if you feel you ned a religious approach, then based on your religious background you can do the prayer part of the religion to increase your SAL Energy. 
However more efficiency comes using cosmic sounds of Sanskrit Mantras. Any language sounds will create and emotional connection with divinity and bring spiritual connection. However for material world propserity the efficiency is with Sanskrit Mantras.

Nothing is right and wrong, all that matters is "Energy" and its Results - Universal Selftual Pattern-2016.

Please here for your religious prayers in Chritian, Islam, Jewish or Buddhist or others.

The following are the ways to transform the SAL Energy. Like low paying jobs and high paying jobs, here we start with the actions that transform small amount of SAL Energy to the actions that transform the highest SAL Energy.

1. Gem Stones: Small amounts of SAL Energy can be transformed by wearing specific gem stones. These are based on Horoscopes.     Wearing specific colored clothes on each day of the week also gives very small amount of this Energy. Living in a house with good Vastu also self transforms some small quantity of SAL Energy. Just vastu or Gem stones alone may not supply the needed Energy.

2. Lighting Lamp with five wicks pointing to five directions of Pancha Bhootas (Five Holographic Cosmic Elements). Producing sound vibrations (Mantra chanting) with one’s own voice representing specific functionalities of the SAL Energy is highly beneficial. A Vedic astrologer (who uses this Spiritual Technical Science, Selflessly to help people) may correctly guide which mantra to chant before the lamp. In general, chanting Kanakadhara  will transform the eight Functional Energy in a balanced form.




3. Pitru Bali: Bali means sacrifice or giving up for the sake of good for others. Pitru Bali is a sacrifice done to help ancestor’s SAL Energy for rebirth. The performer sacrifice by not eating one meal of rice on the day before new moon and offers rice along with sesame seeds to Pitrus (SAL Energy waiting to be reborn). In return the ancestors sacrifice (donates) a small part of their SAL Energy to the performer of the ritual. In all ancient cultures this ancestral worship was done periodically.

4. Vedic Temples are Energy banks: Vedic temples are Energy banks loaning the SAL Energy (which ought to be repaid). Selfless saints have installed the SAL Energy in the form of Stone or Metal symbolic images which can be loaned through Vedic Sound Energy called as Mantras. However there are technical procedures to harvest this Energy. Indian temples were rich in huge amounts of Gold and precious stones to convert this Cosmic Energy to SAL Energy. It is not a good idea to take away the Energy producing precious metals and stones out of the temple.

   However there are rules in going to these temple to efficiently tap this Energy. Example, taking bath and going with clean clothes, avoiding meat (most energy depleting food) and also going with pure mind, which means focused on this Energy aspect. These are the ways to maximize to get the SAL Energy.

5.One such temple ritual can be done in a simple non-professional way at home (Neelanjanam). To reduce energy draining thoughts camphor burning ritual helps.


6. Homas and Yagyas. These are advanced Vedic Spiritual technologies to transform SAL Energy from the Cosmic Energy. These are done through professional technologists (Pundits). 

A very powerful every day homa/yagyna that everybody could do at home takes 5 to 10 minutes - Ganesha Homam.

7. Yoga and Meditation also increase SAL Energy, by increasing our Self Awareness. However if the mind thinks about a slim, youthful body, then the transformed SAL Energy will immediately be used for it. Therefore in Indian spiritual tradition, it is highly recommended that this SAL Energy is transformed through Yoga and Meditation be used for peace of the world.

8. Chanting: Chanting holy scriptures (of any religion) and being Aware of a higher Energy source is a great SAL Energy generator. Please click here for specific spiritual sound vibrations (Mantras).

9. Selfless Love: Among all the rituals, the highest SAL Energy that is transformed is through selfless actions (Love). Treating everyone as the embodiment of the Unconditional Awareness (Consciousness) and sacrificing life for the goodness for all the beings of the Universe, transforms tremendous SAL Energy, which will be available for many rebirths bringing greatest fortune and luck in Life. This is called Punya in Sanskrit. However once used as luck and fortune for material desires, it is lost as expense. Then one has to do the process again and again for more SAL Energy. Please click here to read to know about doing different types of selfless work to increase SAL Energy.

Important note: It is very important to understand not to waste the Self transformed SAL Energy through our negative thoughts as discussed earlier. Be aware that the SAL Energy transformed by rituals should not be wasted by repeating the earlier negative thoughts and actions. This is one of the reasons why sometimes people who are negative do not see any good results after performing these rituals.

   However, faith (Shraddha), a positive attitude uplift one from the level of body, mind and intelligence to the Self-Awareness level. Again faith is not on an unknown power, but on to one’s own Energy source (Self Awareness). Other name of faith is surrender or acceptance. 

Denial of Loan: In some cases, even loan request also may not work due to bad credit history. This is because we have already got several earlier loans and never repaid with Selfless actions. However the SAL earned through ritualistic action is kept in reserve for next life time for paying back the debts through Selfless actions.

What if I fail in Life, is that the end of it?

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All these is condensed in Ramana Maharishi's Upadesha Sara also.

Uttama stavaat uccha mandathah
Chittajam japa dhyaan muttamam

Uttama stavaat uccha mandathah
Chittajam japa dhyaan muttamam

Aajya dhaarayaa srotasaa samam
Sarala chintanam viralatah param

Bheda bhaavanaath soham ithyasau
Bhavanaa bhidha paavani mataa

Bhaava soonya sad bhaava susthithih
Bhaavana bhalaath bhakthir uttamaa

Hrit sthale manaah svasthathaa kriya
Bhakthi yoga bhodaascha nishchitam


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