Ancestor Worship

  Ancestor worship is done in all cultures of the World and also in Vedic culture. 

  Einstein brought the revolutionary concept of time and light travel to the Western World, where he showed through his famous  E=MC2 equation  that Energy level in relative to speed of light changes the time scale.

     This amazing concept of Energy and Time was perceived thousands of years back  in our Vedic tradition.  Brahma, the creator  is at high energy level and so Brahma's time scale is different from our time scale. Pitru's single day is equal to one month of Human time on earth.

Death of our Body is not a complete death:

When an individual dies, it is hard for the Self-Awareness Energy (Atma-Sakthi) of the individual to give its attachment to the body. So it hangs around it. To enhance the Self-Awareness Energy to move on to the next body, this body is cremated (burnt in fire) and not buried.  

Soul is never born and dead, it is only the Atma-Sakthi that is born  and dying where we have all the imprints and Karma account assosicated. The clear demarkation has caused all confusion in the public (Source Universal Enery Pattern-2019). All the rituals are done for the Atma Skathi and not for the Soul (Atma) which is always full, never born and dead. 

A saint's body is not cremated because he or she has no attachment to the Energy levels.

Even if the body is destroyed, still the Self-Awareness energy hangs around the place (close blood-genetic family members) for 16 days. This is why for 16 days "Theetu" (obsessively connected-touched) is observed and so the family does not go to temples or any high energetic places.

The family bondage is relieved by the first Shrardha karmas or funeral rites on or between 11th to 16 days (16th day is the best, but there is a flexibility given only when there is an unavoidable situation and not for convenience) after death day and not the cremated day. It is not correct to do the whole year ceremony all on one day.

Why do Energy rituals to the dead person?A human body is really made of five energy layers. The gross and sensually perceived "Body" layer is energized by food and so called Anna-maya kosha. (without this physical layer, the person is called physically dead). It is then expressed as  "Vasu-Rudra-Aaditya Swaroopaanaam". In short it means Energy in the three levels of Vasu, Rudra and Aaditya.

Note : It is actually "Maaya" which means measurable in time and space and later became as maya.

Then the subter body is energized by Mental thoughts called Mano-maya kosha, without which the person is like dead or in coma.

Then even the subtler is gnana maya kosha or the organized pre-determined-genetic-impression filled body. Without this body it is called non-living thing (without a pre-determined genetic impression body).

Then even subtler is Prana maya kosha that which is energized by the Cosmic breath or the Cosmic Energy or Jeeva-Sakthi. This is also called as Soul.

This soul has to vibrate with a frequency matching life pattern to express its desires and hence vibrates with a body, which we call as the birth event.

When the soul has lost all energy in sensual pleasure enjoyment, requires energy to be born again. If it has not enough energy has to do a cosmic begging for energy. This is a hell-like condition. If has enough energy it is heaven for it. Enough energy to rebirth comes only through the good actions one does while living.

But death itself is an injury for the soul. Energy is needed for the soul to recuperate the loss. Rice and sesame are powerful medium to transport Energy waves.

The first aid hospital care for the soul are the 16 days death-rituals. Then for one year the home care are the 12 thithi's energizing rituals.
After this the soul leaves the genetic- family and joins the community family to be reborn to express its desires.

The Chief hospital doctor is Narayana and the twin doctors under him are Aswini devatas who are worshipped in these rituals.

After one year of the wounds get healed... the thithi's wont work, but pitru pooja only will make sense.

After death rituals are mainly at all five levels:

For the Body and mind (shareeram), The body is turned into ASHES - cremation by the son. 

For the mind (mana), the imprints of the mind attachements to the body is severed by turning into ASHES.

Fifth day after cremation, the ashes   left-over bones from the cremation site are collected (Asthi) and performing associated rituals, they are ceremoniously deposited in a river or in the ocean. This is called asthi sanchayanam (gathering all for the journey or ayanam).

Sanjayanam സഞ്ചയനം

All that the soul carries is the good deeds or merits. In malayalam, the word is the root for Sanji (Bag), Sanjaari (Traveller) etc. The soul's journey continues after the ashes are thrown in the ocean or river water.

The only collection (Bag) a soul can take is the merits of good action and the sound vibration it has generated. Based on the sound vibration it resonates, it reaches that particular realm. The sound-Energy can direct the soul energy to the target. Example is our phone, where the sound Energy with a particular vibration reaches the phone destination correctly. So Energy vibrations and the resonance is of atmost importance.

If a soul or the relatives does not do the chanting, the soul Energy will not have a direction of target to reach. Therefore it will be born again in this worldly plane. So these sound vibrations are not just some superstitious meaningless sounds. These sound vibrations connect to the very source of all Energy (GOD in religious terms). 

If the soul did not do that, then the living family and friends chant the sounds on the soul's behalf. Same way if the soul has no good merits, then the soul does not have enough Energy-charge to move on. So on the name of the soul good merits like charity are done. after death.

Like sending a rocket from Earth to a planet, there should be enough energy to propel, otherwise it will fall in earth only. But there is lot of energy to propel but there is no target, then it will just float in space. Same way the soul should have enough Merit Energy to cross Earth or mundane life. At that same time, it needs a target, otherwise there will be no destination. This is the need to be connected to God through rituals and chanting Mantra.

For the Intelligence (Buddhi), for the soul to do a next life time budgeted life, Pitru Darpan done everyday by the son (and family if willing) to energize the Atma-Sakthi of the dead person.

.For the Awareness Enegy Atma Sakthi - Charity donations are done on the dead person's name and so with that extra energy of merits, the soul gets a life to budget with higher Luck Energy. 

For the Soul (Atma), nothing can be done, but only be connected by reciting Vedic scriptures or Bhagavatham or Bhagavad Gita second chapter or scriptures that talks about the Parama-Atma.

Nobody can give Moksha or Salvation, only the Swareness-Energy has to be high to merge with Paramatma through good deeds and shedding Ego (Ahamkara and Mamakara)

16 days Rituals  Until this day, the bali tharpanam is done everyday by the son after takihg bath and living a life of ascetic. Stays at home, not going out, eats only satvic food, observing Brahmacharya and chanting maximum God's name. He wakes up morning, takes bath and does Bali tharpan and offer food to crows. The family or neighbours or relatives cooks food like a prasad and offer the first food to the person who does Bali and eats only after that person eats (Flexiblity process, if someone has to eat earlier, food for the person is kept aside and served later).  The daily meal is an Energy carrier taking subtle energy to dead-Atma-Sakthi, to elevate  to the position of pitrus after release from the earthly body. Not all can attain that place unless the person has doen good karmas or if after death rituals and charity donations are done on the person's name. 

The 16th  day Ritual  On the sixteenth day, rituals are done to surrender (Adiyan) to the Atma-Sakthi to Lord Vishnu (Aanantharam)  and Aswini Devatas, the care takers. This is why it is called -Adiyan-Anantharam (now known as adiyanthiram).    This feast is one part of doing charity to poor people served by family and relatives. 

Thithi rituals: The day of the moon's cycle (thithi) on which the person died is noted. Thithi represents the shape-size of the moon. Moon represent our mind and also our family (parents). Hence for the first year, on all Thithi's (once a month) for 12 months the Thithi is done. However in some places like kerala the Nakshathra on the day of death is used instead of thithi  for 12 months Pitru Bali Tharpanam. 

In these 12 times, the dead person accepts the Energy from the relatives only.

Thithi is done for our dead parents on the Thithi (moon's day) they passed away. Lighting of the fire to dead body should only by men and not by women. However Thithi can be done by women.

After 12 months, the departed soul detaches all ties and then accepts food energy from all on the No moon Ammavasya days. Thithi is done only when parents are dad, both by men and women.

However pitur pooja can be done by all men, women and children, even if one's parents are alive.

One year completion Rituals: After one year the soul is freed from the family bondage and no more identifies with the family members. Only the family memebers continue to keep memories and does the rituals for the deaprted souls. This cutlturally and socailly important. However for the departed soul all the five levels of rituals should be done keeping in mind that the rituals are menat to get them good rebirth based on their meritorious actions. Charity done in their name will be taken into account even though they have not done while living. So it is duty of children to do charity to the betterment of soceity in the name of departed parents so that the  dead souls get credit for it and attain good birth. 

Merits of doing Pitru pooja:
Transmitting Energy to the less-energy-souls is a noble act and so the cosmic energy gives the doer of pitru pooja energy, which can be used to fulfill material desires of life.

These are some benefits accrued.

Strong bonding with family, less traumatic thoughts in the mind, having all auspicious events like marriage , child birth happening on time, prevention of deadly health problems in the family......etc

Frequently asked questions by lot of people are answered here.

Pitrus: After death of a person, the body is destroyed. But the pattern of the thinking mind and the intellect that is imprinted in the Awareness does not die, This Energy-Awareness without a manifesting body is called as "Praetha-Atma” and is energized by our “Energy thoughts” through the ritual of offering rice and sesame seeds  on all new moon days of the month. The "Praetha-Atma" is in a different energy level and so the time scale is different from the human time scale. 30 days of human time is equal to one day of Pretha-Atma. So every new moon is the morning of the Pretha-Atma. Like we break our night fast and energize the body with food, the Preta-Atma also need to be Energized to get into the next human body.

The Pretha-Atma will have emotional bonding for human time scale of 365 days (12 months) or their 12 days. Only if their emotional bonding is shredded they get into a energy level called "Pitru". This is why for one year "Thithi" ritual is done by the family of the diseased person. After 365 days, there is no more emotional connection to the family. After one year of transforming to Pitru, they  will accept offering from any human in the world.  After attaining the Pitru state, the energy vibration becomes fit to be identified with a new human body.

To be qualified for a human body of choice, "Punya" or meritorious debit should be available.  If not done any merits while living as a human, at Pitru level atleast they can achieve merits by doing a Selfless act. The only Selfless act is to bestow "Energy"  to Human beings on earth, who are not related to them. This action bestows merit (minimum Energy) for Pitru to attain a human birth.

So Pitru wait to bestow Energy (blessings) to those who do the ancestory Pitru Bali worship. Human beings who have Energy debits in materialistic and Spiritual progress are benefitted by "Pitru's" Energy blessing. This ritual is an Energy exchange between the two parties.

Men, women, children can do this Pitru worship or darpan. Even when parents are alive, this Pitru Tharpanam can be done. One should not thithi worship when parents are alive. That is done only after the parents death. Doing this Pitru Pooja every month on New moon day removes many Materialistic problems in life and help us to progress spiritually. This is of immense value.

Honoring every month Ancestors on new moon day is one of the 5 duties of every Human being. This is done in all ancient cultures around the world in different ritualistic mode. If due to physical ailment some one cannot do the 12 months, then they can do on the most important day called Maahalaya Ammavasi, The dark fortnight of Aswayuja (September-October) is known as the Mahalaya Paksha or the fortnight specially sacred for offering oblations to the departed ancestors. The last day of this period, the new moon day, is considered as the most important day in the year for performing obsequies and rites.

 External Purpose of doing pithrukarma

     Indian culture and civilization  which survived for the last not less than 10,000 years and it is due exclusively to the family relation, and social bondage we maintained during this period. Pithru karma is not merely for the deceased ancestral parents.   It is paying homage to all those who are associated with us in this Life (Janma) and in our past many lives (Janmas) directly and indirectly. What we offer to our forefathers and  all those who were responsible for our existence on this earth cannot be  explained  but merely physical words. We  remember many heroes, including Krishna, Jesus,  and  conduct many ritual on their birth day and  anniversary, not thinking that they are seeing all these and taking our offerings, but it is our homage to them  as they are responsible in many ways for us  in getting a  useful experience in our life.

     Performing ancestral rituals is not a superstitious action, but an important integral part of all ancient cultures of the world.  Ancestral rituals makes more sense in the light of Quantum Physics. We now understand that  Energy not only manifest as matter in this universe but also all actions including our thoughts are also energetic vibrations. Doing these rituals create positive (favorable) vibrations that affect our materialistic and spiritual life.  This ritual is done for dead people and not for anyone who is alive. So when  our parents are alive we should do this ritual for our ancestors and not for alive parents.

     These rituals connect us to the lineage of vibrations which we call as ancestors. So ancestor worship is like modern scientists connecting to light emitted from the very beginning of solar system. Their purpose is to know the secrets of origins of universe and transform our life on earth. Same way Ancestor worship help us connect to our origin and bring an inner transformation in life to improve our quality of life.

Five level reasons to do Pitru Pooja:

Body- Physical level - To get blessings or Life-Energy (SAL) for successfully living a materialistic life.

Mind- Emotional level - To increase the emotional parent-child relationship that continues even after death

Intelligence level - To remind of the hereditary lineage and gratitude to all ancestors for bestowing our current life.

Awareness level - To connect to the Selfless souls (Pitru's) magnetic vibrations and increase right awareness to lead a happy life. Connecting to our family ancestors we bring bring to those interfering restless thought vibrations in us.This helps in our evolutionary process towards Moksha.

Consciousness level - To have compassion and empathy to all beings as one's own Self.

 Preparation to do Pitru PoojaEvery month on the new moon day you can do the Pitru pooja outside your house (in the compound) or in the temple.

On the previous day, eat only one time rice grain either for breakfast or lunch and avoid in the night eating rice grain. Best is to avoid rice the whole day (previous day to new moon). You can eat any grain other than rice because you are offering that to the Pitrus. Some do fasting also just with water or just fruits. If your body conditions allow, do that.

On the day of pitru bali, avoid tea or coffee and then cleanse your body. After you do Pitru pooja,  you may eat for breakfast any food made of rice.

All instructions are given in the brochure below.

Click here to read the instructions (English PDF Brochure) to do Simple Pitru pooja (Ancestor worship rituals.

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 Malayalam Vennimala Pitru Darpan.

കർക്കിടക വാവ് ബലി വളരെ ലളിതമായി വീട്ടിൽ ഇരുന്ന് ചെയ്യുന്ന വിധം (Karkkidaka Vavu Bali) ph 09526040391

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