Indian Flag and independence

 We all want to be lucky and prosperous in life. The Green color in the Indian flag represents the Energy in the natural resources that we convert into life's prosperity. In the competitive world, luck is an Energy that  an individual specially possess that others don't have for success in life. This luck energy is generated by an higher-attitude called passion or love represented by the white color of the flag. Along with passion one also needs to do Self-sacrificial act more than hard work to generate luck energy which is shown by the saffron color.

Any successful person whether a businessman, movie star, politician, teacher, scientist, parent or a saint needs both passion and self-sacrificing attitude to bring  success in their endeavor. However like any energy form, luck-Energy decreases when it is used for the conversion of natural resources into material forms or even fulfilling life's desires and dreams.  So everyone are caught up in a cyclical process of spending and generating this luck energy life after life.  This turning up and down nature is the blue wheel shown in the center of the flag.

The Indian flag represents Freedom from the cyclical nature of life, both internally and externally. External country's freedom is the independence from an autocratic rule, rejoiced by the national flag hoisting. Internal independence is freedom from the autocratic rule of the Ego to  an independent state of existence called liberation, also rejoiced as flag hoisting festival rituals.

The independence freedom fighters who died doing a Self-sacrifice (Thyaga)  for the country without hearing any praise of countryman is not a loser in life. That individual however has generated Luck energy with which  is reborn  as a successful , wealthy politician or a movie actor or a businessman  who will be adorned as stars by the citizens of the country. Such an individual also has the free will to use the luck energy to elevate as a man of wisdom (Gnana) for  internal freedom breaking the cyclical wheel of birth and death, the highest dharma of life.  This Eternal Truth holds good for any citizen of the world. Let us work for the betterment of community by doing selfless sacrifical work and make everyone's life prosperous. 

  Self sacrifice to one's family members or to one's profession or to one's country is very high. But the highest is to give one self to the upliftment of mankind from the cycles of birth and death.   More details in the next part of the video.

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