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November 2014

269,000 Tons of Plastic Junk Floating in Ocean

Live Longer? Save the Planet? Get a Better Diet

September 2014

Pesticides More Toxic in Dry Soil, at High Temps

August 2014

Eating Less Meat: Solution to Reduce Water Use?

July 2014

Pesticide Linked to 3 Generations of Disease

Simplified: Purifying Water Using Seed Extracts

Organic Farms: Nutritional, Food Safety Benefits

June 2014

Bees Can Be More Important Than Fertilizer

April 2014

Antimicrobial Ingredients Need Regulating

Health Costs of Air Pollution from Agriculture

March 2014

Plant-Soil Interaction Affects Weed Growth

Pesticides Make Life of Earthworms Miserable

February 2014


Tree Roots in the Mountains 'Acted Like a Thermostat' for Millions of Years

January 2014

Crop Pesticides Kill Honeybee Larvae


DNA Barcodes Change View on How Nature Is Structured


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