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Where and when to begin Seva?

      "Charity begins at home" is a very powerful proverb. First selfless service should begin at home. Relationships  problems also stems from not having the the selfless attitude with the members of the family.  Seva means placing, duty before personal desires – likes and dislikes. Vedic tradition always talks about duties of every individual. If the husband wife and children always give priority to their duty rather than their egoistic likes and dislikes , there will be harmony in the family. Relationships break when egoistic likes and dislikes come between love and sacrifice. Seva or selfless service is another name for ego-sacrifice. In any relation if some one sacrifice their ego, the relation will be nurtured. On the other hand if   love or Seva is sacrificed, the relation will be destroyed.

         There will be always a conflict between ego and Seva or service. Every time in a relation this conflict will occur and it is the responsibility of the members to keep their likes and dislikes apart. It is hard, but that is the test and through that one weakens the ego and will be able to transcend into the realm of awareness.

        Like tiny drops form a mighty ocean, peace of an individual will collect together as bigger drops of families which becomes the might world ocean. The seva or self sacrifice should start from the individual and then extend to the family and then to the external world. Without doing Seva to one's family one cannot extend to others. The seva should start from home.

      Children also should be taught this attitude and parents cannot teach that. Parents should live and show for the children to learn it and cannot be possible by preaching. Preaching is telling without practicing. While teaching is practical living.

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