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Healing Depression and mental diseases

" If we want to eliminate the enemies that lurk in the innermost depths of the heart, we have to serve the world. Only when someone gets angry with us, will we know whether we still have anger in us.” - Mata Amritanadamayi (Ammachi).

Selfless service heals the body and mind

      In the previous page we discussed that doing seva without understanding its purpose will cause damage to the society and world peace. Now we will see how not doing seva at all will damage the individual's inner peace. Religion has caused conflicts and wars by diverting the power of inner growth of the individuals to the outer growth of the organization. Modern science has short circuited that very same power for inner growth by cocooning it for sense gratifications. Sense gratification or enjoyments is not wrong. But it has gone to the extent of becoming parasitically selfish that both the individual and every species in the world suffers out of it.

         Modern scientific technologies has not only shattered nations through atomic bomb, but have blasted  individuals inner self. Modern society have fragmented homes and through that have isolated human hearts, the prime reasons for all psychological illness. Modern medical sciences attribute  imbalances in various hormonal  levels for depression. It fails to see that hormonal imbalances are just expression of the shattered and fragmented inner mind.

       Being selfish and not sharing one's resources has lead to various psychological and mental diseases. In other words, lack of selfless service or Seva is the cause for the alarming increase in psychological problems. The only way to heal the body and mind is selfless Seva.

Our findings suggest that there may be a relationship between lack of exposure to sunlight and increased risk of hospital admissions for schizophrenia. Policymakers and doctors should promote further understanding of the health benefits of sunlight and take effective measures to prevent schizophrenia.


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