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          Types, kinds of  Selfless Service (Seva)

2. Mind- Emotional

      Seva through the mental faculties (man) lies in contributing one's talents - creative, communicative, managerial, etc. - to the corporate welfare of the community and the planet in general. It also lies in sharing the pain of others. Response to the pain of others is a sine qua non of the membership of the brotherhood of man.

       Sharing soothing or comforting words is an act of sharing at the emotional mind level as an act of selfless service.  When some one is suffering an emotional loss, the act of  sharing positive emotions or even listening to the grief itself a great selfless service. 

      Selfless service of protecting the environment, act of caring for nature and not polluting air, water and earth,  helping all other forms of life,  stems from the feeling of gratitude. When one identifies one self with nature and live a life in tune with nature is also a selfless service of gratitude.

Two levels of  Seva: Internal and external

           Helping others by one's mind strength is seva at external level and when one expresses  that gratitude  by inner maturity is at the internal level.

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