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Terrorism - Seva done through ignorance

          Everyone talks about growing terrorist activities in recent times. But if we look back into historical times, we would find that terrorist activities always tortured societies especially in the name of religion. Spirituality advocates Seva or selfless service for inner purification to transcend and realize one's own Real Self. Though religions calls this inner Self as God , they always mis-interpret the public as an external power residing somewhere in a fictional heaven. This cause huge confusion in the individuals spewing hatred, pride and ignorance leading to religious wars. Greater damage done by religious organizations is the misuse of Seva act. Instead of helping the individual to melt his ego and realize the supreme self, it has done the opposite of boosting the Ego and commit violence, curbing peace in the world.

        Commercialization of spiritualism is religion. Religion, in the name of God and service to God has used its members to propagate the  growth of the organization by boosting their Ego at the expense of the inner growth of the individual. This has bred terrorists activities in the past and also in the current times.  Religions gives false promises of a heaven after death and also propagate the idea of conversions as a means of earning God's love. Instead of inner purification, religions go for mass conversions to grow in number. Therefore missionary acts will only destroy the inner self by boosting the Ego.

        This ignorance and false information had leads some individuals to take the barbaric attempt of doing violence in the name of self service. We now see  wide spread terrorists activities which does not help nor the individual or the world. These Ego boosting self service for the organization have caused violence in almost all countries.

     The only way to stop terrorism is only through spreading proper knowledge. Knowledge of the Self has to be given to all human to bring peace for the individual as well as the world. All other attempts would be superficial means of obtaining peace.


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