COC - Connecting Corporate to Culture

COC is a unique "Selftual" program introduced at work place to enhance both professional and personality qualities. Dr.Madeswaran gave the first classes under the request of Mr.Arul Balaji at the ABN Pharmaceuticals, Chennai (2011) (See testimonials).

Later this program extended to Biopro limited at Coimbatore (2011) and to Power group, Dubai (2014).

Report 0f ABN COMPANY CCC2  PROGRAM – 2011, January, February


CCC2 - Connecting Corporate to Culture

ABN COMPANY CAC PROGRAM – 2011, January, February
It is very interesting to hear that a medical company in Chennai has initiated a cultural and spiritual session for its members to make them happy and understood the essence of life. Yes! It is true just because of its owner Mr.Arulbalaji and Ms.KavithaArulbalaji. They have already dedicated their Sundays in handling CCC – Connecting Children to the Indian Culture session in AlwarThiruNagar. This is a very famous children program spreading through Sakthi Foundation all over the state. Mr.Arulbalaji has arranged a session for every month to his office members through Dr.Madeswaran.
Objective of the CCC2 session:
1. To give a time and space for the young adults to relax after working time.
2. To assist them for their happiness and self-exploration.
3. To assist them for their inner growth which enriches their spirituality and social responsibility?
4. To expose them to various delegates who are performing the best in various fields.
Dr.Madeswaran initiated the very first CAC session in 2011 January for 14 adults in which he addressed the very basic concepts like what is happiness? What makes a man happy – unhappy? What are the hurdles which make us unhappy and what is self-ego? The session was very interactive. Special exercise was given to list out 18 unwanted qualities which makes one to perform badly in life and work. This has been finally linked with 18 sacred steps of Lord Ayyapan. The session was unreligious as all religious people listened. The session taught them to light the sacred lamp under photon technology to make our wishes get fulfilled. Vinayagar moola mantra was given as a tool of initiating self-interest with it decoding.
Exercise given: observe yourself and try to rectify any 2 unwanted qualities as we have listed which are responsible for our unhappiness.
This session was very much impressive because it has been arranged on the very first wedding anniversary day of Mr.Ibrahim who works for ABN. Arulbalaji said that he cannot be in the session as he has a work in Erode and it was a great shock when he himself invited Dr.Pradheepkumar [senior scientist working in a food testing company in USA] and Dr.Madeswaran. Dr.Pradheep has planned to give the CAC session just a day he has to leave to USA.
We also felt very happy that we had the opportunity to see Mr.Ajith who is working for another medical company. Within a month ABN has engulfed few young people like Mr.Karthikeyan, 2 young women candidates and a senior person also. The session started
with lightning the first year candle without putting it off as it symbolizes the growth of the married life according to Indian culture. Wedding cake was cut and served among the couple which indicated the sharing of the happiness first begins at home among the couple.
1. Poojas performed by all.
2. Lightning the sacred lamp.
3. Shloka chanting.
4. Welcoming address: Mr.ArulBalaji
5. Chief Guest introduction: Mr.Karthikeyan
Minutes of the CAC session conducted by Dr.Pradheepkumar. [M.Sc, P.hd in Cancer biology, settler of Sakthi Foundation since 1997]
1. Couples must find out ‘’who is the real customer in married life?’’ It is nothing but the same marriage.
2. When one cannot identify this customer in personal life and work then forms a rift between members and makes us unhappy and stress full.
3. Customer satisfaction is the most important task for a couple and workers of any company.
4. Once in USA a couple took room in a hotel. They were little upset because of their official timings which was supposed to make them to lose the famous football game finals in TV. But when they came back after their official work, the receptionist gave them a DVD which has recorded the football finals. This made that hotel to be the best one in USA.
5. In western culture people have lost their customer in personal life which is the marriage.
6. ‘’try to dim the lights which hides our mind to see the real happiness. Individual dominance in married life makes us to forget our customer’’.
7. Try to equalize home and office and satisfy both.
8. Our internal customer is always ‘’happiness’’.
9. Happiness can be classified into 5 categories. Happiness through senses, mind, intellect, awareness and consciousness.
10. Body – mind – intellect – awareness and consciousness can be related and viewed in all patterns of life.
11. In a company, production unit forms the body, sales represent the mind, boss becomes the intellect and management becomes the awareness.
12. Production and sales units must talk to each other and solve the issues which must satisfy the customer.
13. Give much importance to R and D department which is the child in family life.
14. Happiness can be realized and enjoyed only when we transform our mind by accepting others views.
15. Happiness forever in unconditional state makes us to enjoy the ‘’anandham’’.
16. ‘’Decision making must be purely unbiased and the judgment must be not an already taken opinion.’’ Says BahavathGeetha.
Mr.Ajith‘s talk:
He has delivered the most important message about work. He said the most inspiring line,
‘’just work smartly not hardly’’
He admired this session and said that this session looks very different because everywhere in any meeting only war occurs among the members. He asked the workers to study more about the customer care and their needs. Workers have to identify their own mistakes before someone notes. More research and self-study has to be done by workers regarding the products. Try to know all aspects of life including crookedness. Loyalty is very important for any worker to satisfy the customer and his own self.
Conclusion by Dr.Madeswaran
The output of our married life is to serve the people from our own limitations. The legends of Shiva Nayanmars highlight this message only. Mr-Ms.Arulbalaji and Mr – Ms.Pradheepkumar has proved themselves as a successful couple by rendering their dedicated service to children as parents, Montessori tutor and CCC instructors. Whatever we have taken from and society for our development and happiness has to be given back through selfless service.
EXRECISE FOR THE MONTH: Try to list out the various levels of happiness through body, mind and intellect and the duration of happiness you have enjoyed.

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