Mental Agitations 

         Mind is the cause of all disease. This very statement is disbelieved by many of us. In fact, this truth has been extensively researched and discussed thousands of years ago. Modern scientific research is slowly getting to this truth and already we are seeing positive results from it.

        We have hundreds of psychologists but we have poorly understood how the mind works and how to properly tame it to tackle stress. This poor understanding has taken a toll on our health. A wrong approach taken to solve the problem has yielded only frustrating results. This has led to people looking for alternative methods of treatment. This, in turn, has led to the growth in spirituality, which is nothing but inquiring or turning inwards to the realms of the mind.

 Let us discuss  just one example.

           Until recently, every one thought that obesity was caused by eating junk food. This thought was left unchallenged, until a group of researchers found that when people were given psychological counseling for their emotional problems they lost weight. It was found that when people have relationship problems or a challenging work situation in the form of stress caused by a boss or a colleague, they take refuge in eating junk food.  It was interesting that on being given psychological counseling, they lost weight. Does this suggest that modern science is finding truth in ancient thought that if the mind has positive balanced thoughts it can prevent many diseases? Many scientific studies are now being published to validate this point.

       Mostly our mental agitations are for petty reasons. There is no solid ground for most of our mental agitations. False beliefs, concepts, notions and judgments without any basis in reality are self-projected in our minds and ultimately are the cause of our suffering.     

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