The Fundamental Problem

In spite of our technological progress we still continue to have ill health and mental problems. We have increased physical comforts in life but the inner comfort of our mind is still left unresolved. Seldom do we realize that if the mind is not happy, all the physical comforts around us do not make us happy. The whole world is trying to improve the outer world without improving the inner world of the mind. Therefore, to enjoy anything in the outer world, our inner mind has to be in a state to enjoy it.

        Many of you  have come to this site to solve a physical or mental disease for which you could not get relief from other sources. Probably that restlessness makes you disinterested in reading further regarding this subject matter. Please be patient(yes, that is the meaning of the very word given to "patients" - to have patience).      

The consequence of the incorrect approach

          Sakthi Foundation will guide you in addressing your disease or problem in its proper perspective. You will see that we emphasize more on the restless mind because that is the fundamental cause of all problems.

              Have we ever thought of the untold damage we do to all people around us due to our restless, agitated mind?  How many times we  hurt the  feelings of others because of it? Can that be repaired? Yes; only by changing our attitude. If we can take care of our agitated, restless mind, the inner peace will help us first and simultaneously help everyone else around us.

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