Pregnancy News 2021


December 2021

Research Finds Potential Mechanism Linking Autism, Intestinal Inflammation

November 2021 

October 2021

Planned Home Birth Presents Little Risk Where Midwifery Is Well-Integrated



September 2021

Right Light on the Mother’s Belly May Be Important to the Fetus


August 2021


July 2021

June 2021

Several Persistent Chemicals Found in Fetal Organs


Healthy Diet Before, During Pregnancy Linked to Lower Complications


April 2021


Poor Iodine Levels in Women Pose Risks to Fetal Intellectual Development in Pregnancy





Mar 2021

Kids' Metabolic Health Can Be Improved With Exercise During Pregnancy: Here's Why


Exposure to Flame Retardants Early in Pregnancy Linked to Premature Birth

How Pregnancy Turns the Stress Response on Its Head


Study Reveals Process to Explain How Maternal Stress Triggers Idiopathic Preterm Birth

Majority of Women Can Still Give Birth Naturally If Their Water Breaks Early

Feb 2021

Depressed Moms Who Breastfeed Boost Babies' Mood, Neuroprotection and Mutual Touch

Jan 2021

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