Health News 2022


May 2022


April 2022

Neuronal Plasticity in Chronic Pain-Induced Anxiety Revealed

Fewer Smartphones, More Well-Being


Turmeric Compound Helps Grow Engineered Blood Vessels and Tissues

Not All Dietary Fiber Is Created Equal: Cereal Fiber but Not Fruit or Vegetable Fibers Are Linked With Lower Inflammation


Mar 2022

Surprising Way to Make Walking Easier


Physical Activity May Protect Your Brain as You Age


Feb 2022

Bark of Neem Tree May Protect Against Coronavirus Variants, Study Finds



January 2022


Eating Prunes May Help Protect Against Bone Loss in Older Women


Athletes Warned Against Potential Dangers of Natural Supplements


Chewing to Stay Slim: How to Savor Your Food Better and Dodge Weight Gain 



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