Vedic Symbolsim

Mohini and Bhasmasura


Bhasmāsura was an asura or demon who was granted the power to turn anyone into ashes (bhasma) when touched on their head by him. The asura turned himself into ashes by the trick of Lord Vishnu who took a female avatar, as the enchantress Mohini.

Our Ego to control the Universe by destroying everything around us, is symbolized as Bhasmasura. When the Awareness (Symbolized as Shiva) gives prosperity energy as boon to us, our Ego then drives out the very same awareness  away. Then to bring back peace within us, Vishnu the symbolism of Vedas, appears in the form of enchanting spiritual knowledge and tricks our egoistic mind and transforms it.

The fusion of this Awareness and Spiritual knowledge gives birth to Moksha, symbolized as lord Dharma Saastha. Dharma is the only objective of all lives and one who teaches it or is viligant on that is Saastha. His latest incarnation is Swami Ayyappa worshipped at Sabarimala. 

 Mahalaksmi the wife of Lord Vishnu stealthily watched Mohini's dance and learnt it to spread the Vedic wisdom in the dance form known as Mohiniaattam.

 The Awareness (connecting aspect) is Shiva, which sparked as "Life Force Energy" after millions of years of Universe formation. The Universe formed out through Agni (fire) explosion and the cooled down product is ash, all the atomic elements of nature. These elements combined together and then in a proper time on Earth, it sparkled life like a miracle. The unification of all Energies (Sakthi's) results in the spark of Life force Awareness Energy (Shiva), which when lost is known as "Shava" (Dead body).

This is symbolized as penance of Basmasura (Basma -ash and asura means the material expression of Energy, Sura is the divine subtle aspect of Energy.

Once the life has been formed, it desires to be immortal. This is the actual symbolism of Basmasura (the ashes) asking for the boon from Lord Shiva (Awareness). It tries all its means to destroy all the forces that brings death. We are all doing the same thing to defy death and prolong life.

However all this ignorance can only be removed by understanding the Cosmic Intelligence (Vishnu). If it comes it material knowledge, the Ego is strengthened (Asura). However if that knolwedge comes in an attractive form (Spiritual), the Ego is tricked and finally the very same Ego that imbibes the knowledge is transformed.

For  modern people to get this knolwedge is through Ayyappa Sabarimala Pilgrimage.


Long ago an asura wanted to live eternally by conquering the 3 worlds. He understood the truth that only by acquiring Prosperity Energy he could fulfill his desire. So he decided to do penance towards the compassionate Lord Shiva, who can alter our destiny.

So he travelled to the snowy mountains of Himalayas and performed severe penance to appease Lord Shiva. He spent millions of years sacrificing all his time and comforts to get the energy to fulfil his desire.

Basmasura: AUM Namah Shivaya (3 times)

Narrator: At last one day, like a miracle Lord Shiva appeared.

Basmasura: Mahadeva, at last, this humble servant's penance has been successful by your Darshan.

Shiva: I always do justice to all the beings my dear. I am immensely pleased with your penance and so let me know what I shall grant you. 

Basmasura: My lord, I should not die, so please grant me immortality.  

Shiva: Death is inevitable, all that is born in time and place has to die. I have given that work to Lord Yama to keep up the laws of nature.

Basmasura (to himself): Shiva is not intelligent enough to know that if I have the power to kill anyone including Yama, then I will become immortal.

Shiva: What are you thinking about, quickly ask for a boon.  

Basmasura:  Ok lord, then grant me the boon, that if I touch anyone's head with my finger, they will turn into ashes.

Shiva: As you wish. Mangalam Bahavathu.

Basmasura: How can I be certain that your boon will work?

Shiva: You are too insignificant to doubt the divine powers.

Basmasura: Ha ha ha   If that is the case, I wish to try this boon on you.

Shiva: Lord Vishnu, I cannot avoid giving blessings for sacrificial actions, even though I am aware that they can misuse that power to destroy the Universe.

Vishnu:  Mahadeva,  it is inevitable in the game of life, that egositic people will try to damage the system.

Shiva: Shree Man Narayana, you protect Dharma by transforming asuras to the divine state of moksha.

Vishnu:  Lord Shiva, I will transform myself into the subtlest feminine Energy form, the Prakruthi Maya Swaroopa.

Basmasura: Oh how gorgeous you are.  I have never seen anyone more beautiful than you.  Who are you?

Mohini: I am Maaya Mohini,  and I am all alone by myself in this world.

Basmasura: An enchanting beauty like you cannot be alone. From now on, I am for you.

Mohini: I am so lucky to find a man like you. Can I know who you are?

Basmasura: I am Basmasura, the invinsible one who conqurered death. You beauty.. should marry me... and live like a queen.

Mohini: It is a dream to marry a person like you.  I am a dancer and have taken an oath that I will only marry some one who can match me in dance.

Basmasura: Ha Ha, ha, did you think  I am a good for nothing yogi. I can easily match you in dance.

Mohini: But can you do all the dance steps I do. If not accept the defeat and I will not marry you.

Basmasura:  Hey Beauty, I take your challenge and will make you my own.


aahhhhhhh- Basmasura keeps his own hand on his head as a dance posture imitating Mohini.


shantha kaaram bujaga sayanam......

Maha lakshmi:  My Lord, what inspired you to take the most enchanting mohini form.
Maha Vishnu: Who else can I look for more enchanting than you Mahalakshmi, the Eternal beauty.

Adhisesha form of Vishnu, with Maha lakshmi.



Vedic Selftual Universal pattern - 2016


Crows Make Long-Reaching Tools from Short Rods

New Caledonian crows extract prey faster with complex hooked tools

Crows have a special place in Vedic literature as intelligent being even given lessons to humans. The two great epics Ramayana  is retold by crow - Kakabhushundi, The sage with the body of a crow.

Crow is a vehicle of Saturn, convey message to ancestors, narrate stories in Puranas.

Crows are praised from ancient times for their intelligence. Here arewonderful modern evidence.

2014 Dec news Crows Exhibit Advanced Rational Thinking

Are Crows Smarter Than a First-Grader?

Natioanl geographic video of an ornithologist experiment on crows.

 Ted talk on crows

Another scientist on crows intelligence.

 Feathered Apes

Bad Reputation of Crows Demystified

Puranas & Vedic Literature     

       The Vedic literature is the book of life. It gives all these information in a well structured manner. Spiritual masters in every age help mankind to understand the purpose of life and through that they help mankind in progressing through their evolutionary journey. The master's life become guiding lights in the darkness of our ignorance.

      Since it is very difficult to understand the purpose of life , all the vedic information is given in a symbolic form. Exactly like the first school book is in the form of symbols, so is vedic literature. A student learns alphabet through symbols. "A" for  apple, "B" for ball, "C" for cat etc. The knowledge is given in the form of symbols.

 Indra - chief of the Devas (Gods)

       Since the human mind is always revolved around the world of senses (Indriyas), God Indra is talked and praised first. His kingdom of heaven (Swarga) is talked about. The rituals of obtaining wealth and prosperity etc is later given. Then comes the element of sacrifice which most of them wrongly interpret it as sacrifice of animals. Since we have evolved from animals, we still carry the trace desires of it. We have to sacrifice those animal nature and evolve to pure man. Unfortunately this information is taken as literally and animal sacrifice was performed.

        Kali drinking blood after chopping the demon mahishan's head and drinking his blood, thank God, is not literally followed. Otherwise we would be cannibals drinking human blood. Here the buffalo head Mahishan represent Ego. Buffalo is a black colored  animal that is lazy and swims in dirty stagnant water. Lack represent darkness or total absorption of color which symbolizes the attitude of Ego. Ego is totally absorbed only in its welfare and not concerned of anything. Ego like buffalo is lazy and dwells in the  stagnant darkness of ignorance.

          Blood represents energy and so Kali drinking blood indicates that we have to chop off of our Ego and drink the energy of the Ego which means directing that energy in our Journey to the Source. This is how the whole of Vedic literature including the puranas are wrongly mis-understood.

        In the next few pages  we would try to give the best interpretation of the puranas and  Vedic literature.

 The best part of this Vedic-Science is that it can be experienced by us. This knowledge that we can experience is known as "Vidya" and the knowledge of the manifested universe that can be experimented is known as "Avidhya". This is why in lalitha Sahasranamam, the Consciousness which is symbolized as Devi is praised as Vidya-Avidya sorupini. It is this Pure consciousness that is both the experienced and experimented.


    Creation in Puranas     

Why is Lotus shown in Creation?

          Lotus is a flower that blooms in presence of Sun and shrinks when Sun sets in the west. The same way, creation (Lotus) blooms in presence of Consciousness (Sun). If Consciousness can be symbolized as Sun, then Awareness is the Sunlight. All the forms including Human beings have Consciousness and Awareness. But when the body dies, it is the Awareness is what is lost.

          When the Consciousness that reflects as awareness is gone, it is a "life-less or in-animate" object. The loss of Awareness vishnuwhich is called death. Presence of Awareness is life.  The lotus blossoms everyday in presence of sunlight and shrinks in the absence of sunlight. This constant blossoming and shrinking of Lotus flower is the symbolism of birth and rebirth. 

   The whole creation starts from Vishnu and the lotus springs out from his navel and on that sits Brahma the Lord of Creation. Brahma has four heads, the three axes of directions and space. The Brahma is the mind the creator. Lotus is the body and a plant like Lotus is used because plants are the food producers for the other organisms, since they can only capture sunlight. Like the umbilical cord connecting the womb and mother's body so does Vishnu the Cosmic Intelligence connects to the mind of us.

    Without Consciousness there is no creation and so does without Vishnu there is no "jagat" or World. But this Vishnu holds a shiva-linga which means that the Consciousness expresses itself through Awareness the Shiva. This is why Vishnu holds the shiva-linga.

SakthiLotusThe blue cosmic ocean is the unlimited space and the Ananta, the snake is the eternal time. On this eternal time and space blooms this whole creation. It is fascinating  know the mystery of creation when we understand each of the symbolism in the vedic puranas. We will explain more in the forth coming sections.

This is the (old) symbol of Sakthi Foundation. Aum is the Symbol of Consciousness (Sun) for the creation of knowledge.

       This is the meaning of chin-mudra. Little finger represents body, ring finger represents mind (that is why in wedding ring is worn in ring finger or mind finger because the event is the joining of two individuals are mind level) . The middle finger is the senses and the chin


fore finger is the “I” or ego thought. The thumb is the consciousness finger or intellect finger without which the other fingers are useless. The forefinger is always found associated with the other three fingers and when it transcends them it merges with the thumb to form a circle which indicates that this consciousness has no beginning and end.

  Eighteen Puranas                                                

                                                The Vedic Mythology

Puranas are  Symbolic Language to explain Eternal Truth.

There are 18 puranas compiled by the greatest Genius Sage Vyasa as "Puranas".  He used such an brilliant approach of using a real event in history to convey the same message through his historical work, the Mahabharata, the biggest literary work ever composed.   The Puranas narrate the history of the various dynasties and hierarchies that emanated from the supreme Consciousness. As a continuation of the lines of Priyavrata and Uttanapada (vide, the doctrine of creation under the Upanishads, above), the world saw the coming in of many heroes, both spiritual and temporal. These offspring of the ancient ones included both the divine and demoniacal natures, which waged a perpetual war between themselves, and much of the Purana content is devoted to descriptions of these conflicts between the Devas and Asuras.

      Other than these earlier descendants of the progenitors of the race of all beings, particular mention must be made of the lines of the solar and lunar races of kings and sages, whose lives provide a highly interesting biographical reading of both human and superhuman natures. The history of these dynasties is brought down almost to our own times, thus connecting our present-day existence with the diviner sources from which we have come, as, in the words of the Upanishad, children of the Immortal (Amritasya Putra).

   But through these historical events and life of great men, Puranas helps us to understand what is Consciousness, the Mystery of every Human being, whether he or she was in the ancient age or living in this modern age. It is the birth right of every human being to understand the Mystery of Consciousness. The Rishis says the very purpose of Human's life is to realize this Consciousness.

     Only with this clear understanding of Body-Sense complex, Mind, Intellect and Awareness can the Puranas be understood without any misgivings. With this simple understanding one clearly understands the Symbolism of all Vedic Gods, rituals, culture and the Purushartha (goal) of Mankind.

     Most of the Puranas abound in lengthy narratives of legends glorifying a particular god or deity, delineating his or her incarnations, descriptions of holy places of pilgrimage (Tirtha), vows or observances (Vrata), acts of charity (Dana), and the like, with some shorter or longer references to the process of creation, the genealogy of the gods, demons and kings, stories of Rishis, as well as occasional statements on the foundations of politics, and the arrangement of the continents of the world as parts of the cosmos.

   Thus, the Puranas form a general encyclopaedia of popular thought on religion and philosophy. But the Bhagavata and the Vishnu Puranas are a great exception to this rule and they constitute a really splendid literature on a very lofty philosophy and mysticism.  

      In Vedic tradition, however everything is centered around  the main Trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva  are the symbolism of the Mind, Intellect and Awareness.  Brahma is the creator God, Vishnu the sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. All the three originate from the Supreme Para-Brahmam, the Pure-unconditional Consciousness.

 Web sites that give information on the meaning of Puranas,

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