Crows Make Long-Reaching Tools from Short Rods

New Caledonian crows extract prey faster with complex hooked tools

Crows have a special place in Vedic literature as intelligent being even given lessons to humans. The two great epics Ramayana  is retold by crow - Kakabhushundi, The sage with the body of a crow.

Crow is a vehicle of Saturn, convey message to ancestors, narrate stories in Puranas.

Crows are praised from ancient times for their intelligence. Here arewonderful modern evidence.

2014 Dec news Crows Exhibit Advanced Rational Thinking

Are Crows Smarter Than a First-Grader?

Natioanl geographic video of an ornithologist experiment on crows.

 Ted talk on crows

Another scientist on crows intelligence.

 Feathered Apes

Bad Reputation of Crows Demystified

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