We all have studied in history that from ancient stone age period man has respected death and dead people.They are his ancistors.Many civilizations have followed the cult of worshipping souls.Egyptians have reached a very different trend in this ,that they started mummifying the dead bodies.

In all relegions,this cult is insisted.But today one can see in Hinduism ,this cult isrespected  and considered to be very very important.Vedhas say that every man must offer rituals to the souls who lived with him,especially grand children to thier dead grand parents.

Every Hindu is expected to do the rituals to make the souls to attain peace.It is in belief that the souls of deadones resides in a world called ''pithur lokam''.Every newmoon day is meant for them .They are expected to come to earth for the rituals.

Every Thithe--- means the phase of the moon.All our life actions falls on these phases.The thethe on which a person died has to be recorded,and on all that thethe every month we need to offer the poojas.If we cant then 3 newmoon days are allorted for that.

AADI newmoon day[June -July]

Puratasi months [most important one [sepember -oct]\

Thai month[January-Feb]

If we cant give the rituals on all these 3 days ,Puratasi month ritual alone is enough,but it is a must.

From the fullmoon day which is arriving this month,starts the Maahaalaya paksham till next newmoon day.These days are meant for the rituals .Every day the husband needs to offer sesame seeds with tulsi water thinking of all souls ,to SreeKrishna's feet. 

Offerings to poor people,Bhramins and orphans are also insisted.

Onions,garlic and drumstick are not to be taken in diet .

Plantin's unripe fruit,snakeguard are the vegetables meant for pitrus.

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