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Any one with a  reasoning mind will accept the five aspects of our Existence with a  Body, Mind, Intelligence, Awareness and Consciousness. 

Understanding the above  Five fundamental attributes, almost everything in the Universe can be explained. It is interesting that these five aspects are reflected like a hologram in various Phenomenon of this Universe. The way we identify our "Self" and how we connect to the Universe makes us to be an Atheist, religious person (Theist) , an Agnostic or a Spiritual person.


An  Atheist is one who takes the "Self" to be just the Body  and the Sense Organs. An atheist consider to be separate from the Universe because he or she looks his body and senses to be different from the living and non-living beings in the whole of the Universe.

Some one is called "Religious", when a person believes his "Self"  to be the emotional mind. A religious person consider himself or herself to be lower than a higher Super-natural Power or God.

An Agnostic is on the path of discovering the "Self" and so is not clear about the Self , but mostly identifies himself to be a rational logical person.  He or she thinks that everything including the Universe is governed by Cosmic Laws or an intelligence factor.

A Spiritual person is one who identifies his "Self" to be Awareness through which He or She witnesses the intelligence, Mind and Body Sense organs. A Spiritual integrates his "Being" to all the living and non-living Being in the Universe.  

An Enlightened realizes  that there is only one "Self" and all the forms are only the expression (Love) of that one "Self" or Consciousness.  


Other sources of Vedic Science

Vasthu, Vaasthu Vastu, Vaastu

How much important:

A student to study well, the study room does play a part. example, it should be well ventilated, well lighted, immune to noises and distraction. It is logical to follow these rules for increasing the efficiency of the student's performance.

Similarly, Vastu is a science dealing with Energy flow in a dwelling place. The sunlight, air flow, water direction, earth surface and the spatial dimension are very important.

A student's room with the best ventilation, well lighted, immune to noises and distraction, still cannot guarantee that they student will study well. There are students even without these provisions do well.

All that matters is the student's attitude to study well, then these provisions will even boost the performance. A student should follows the laws of the student, that is, students goal of learning.

Similarly is the science of Vaastu. The attitude of the house-holders is not correctly-oriented, then the house with all its perfect Vastu will not help. It will certainly augment if the attitude of the house-dwellers are in tune with the laws of nature.

Vasstu is a perfect science and will bring the best in life, if the members of the house live in accordance of laws of nature because, Vaastu is based on laws of nature.

Vaastu becomes a superstition if the house is built of laws of nature and the members live without tuned to laws of nature. 

Read more on SAL Energy.


     Creation of Beings

 The whole creation came from Consciousness, expressing Awareness, then materials world was projected based on intelligence , then came the mind to feel the creation through the physical body.  

This whole Universe is only Consciousness. Consciousness in material dimension is Awareness and Energy, which is called Purusha and Sakthi Respectively. Purusha and Sakthi is represented as Shiva and Parvathi. Without Awareness Energy cannot Manifest and vive versa. This is why they are represented as Half and Half (See symbolism of Trinity Gods).

Brahmam Satya Jagath Mithya:

Very often this Vedic statement is misunderstood. Satya is something that does not depend on anything else for its existence and Mithya is something that depends on something else for its existence. For example, in a clay pot, pot depends on clay for its existence. Without clay there is not pot. But the clay can remain as it is and does not require the existence of pot for it to be called as clay.

   Same way Brahmam exists as it is and is therefore called Satya or real, whereas the Universe (Jagath) requires Brahmam for its existence and hence it is called Mithya (unreal). Here unreal does not mean it does not exist, it merely means that it is depended on something else for its existence (not Self-existent). Thucca is a Sanskrit word for not-existent, like horse horn. This Universe is not Thucca (not non-existent) but Mithya (unreal or dependant-existent).

Vedic Teacher like Adi-sankara does say this Universe does not exist, they only said that it is Mithya and people are in Maya.

What is Maya?.

Maya is the inability to discriminate the real (Satya) from the unreal (Mithya). The inability to know what is Self-Existent (Brahmam) and what is depended-existent (Jagath) is Maya. Only through knowledge this error can be corrected. (More details in Maya).

  Now let us continue about the Vedic creation theory of beings. 

There are three main schools that explain the relation between universe and Brahman.

1. Arambha vada, which says universe has a beginning and an end. Nyaya and Vaiseshika follow this. Its dissolution and next cycle of
creation are linked with the continuity of the seed of creation.

2. Parinama Vada, which says that the universe is a transformation of Brahman, emerges and dissolves in Brahman. The way a spider's web comes from
it, the universe comes from Brahman. Brahman is the essential substantial (upadana) cause for the universe. Sankhya, Yoga, Karma Mimamsa follow this.

3. Vivarta vada, which says that universe is a manifestation, an appearance over Brahman. Sankara Advaita comes under this. According to him,
Brahman is the nominal (nimitta), substantial (upadana) and undifferentiated
(abhinna) cause for the world. Sankara Advaita holds that Maya bounds and
releases the being. World as it appears, appears because of Maya, and it is not
what the world really is. The world, in reality, is Brahman only. Thus when one
realizes Brahman and gets beyond the veil of Maya, then only Brahman remains,
not the world. Sakta Tantra holds that Atman is same as Brahman, like other
versions of Advaita, but the universe is real and eternal. It is not just an
appearance that gets dissolved with realization. The Mother is primal rhythmic
energy, Sakti and not Maya.



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