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All this time you have an impression about yourself based on the thoughts you are thinking. Are you happy with what you are?.  Are you more than what you are thinking?. We help you to witness yourself through an out-of-box-thinking  effective methodology, to know the reality of yourself.

 What is the use of this witnessing exercise?.

  1. 1.You could relieve yourself from your present and past worries.
  2. 2.Relieve yourself from your own mental stressful limitations.
  3. 3.Feel your immense potential, talents that you have never known within you.
  4. 4.To get a clear idea the avenues you can grow and improve your personality.
  5. 5.Experience eternal happiness in you.

May be you are looking for a proof for the validaity of the above statements. Click here to know that one thing in this universe alone does not a proof


    Symbolism In Vedas

The incomprehensible made  Simple to understand :

We have discussed earlier that Rishi's having well researched on the sense organs, thoughts, Mind and intellect, stood spellbound at the immense potentialities in the field of Awareness. Among those very few Rishi's were able to swim from the river of Awareness into the Ocean of Consciousness. This is Self Realization or Enlightenment.

    If thoughts are water droplets, then Mind is a Spring-water, and intellect is the flowing stream joining a mighty river of Awareness, which finally merges into the Ocean Of Consciousness.

   The Rishi's called this Ocean of  Consciousness as Brahman in Sanskrit. The river of Awareness has a structure to define but how could one articulate about the Ocean of Consciousness? Thus the Rishi's used the language of Symbolism.

    When the Rishi's themselves find short of words to describe Consciousness, how could the layman string it into words? It is like a deep sea diver describing Ocean to a villager who had never seen more than well-water.  He could show a bottle of sea water to the villager and if the villager was an Egoistic person not believing in the Existence of Ocean, would spit out the salty water of  the Ocean water branding it as "tasteless-brine water".

    This led the Rishi's to  develop Symbolic Images of this Ocean of Consciousness and the river of Awareness to well-water layman. This became the fundamental basis to put their research findings into Vedic literature.  It is not a single Rishi who wrote these Vedic texts. Over ages the knowledge had been accrued similar to Modern Scientific Research.

     The language style of  modern scientists is different from how they convey among their peers than with the layman. Among peers they use technical words ,but for  the Public they use pictures and symbols and stories to explain.

     Similarly Rishi's abstract findings are technical words which they use to convey among their peers. For layman they used Puranas or Mythology to reach the public. In the next few pages we will see how they beautifully conveyed the message of Consciousness, Awareness, Intellect, Mind, sense organs and many more aspects of the mind of Individuality, Ego, different negative and positive thoughts. All these became human characters. The character's are fictional but what they implied is not fiction, it is real that we experience in every day to day life.

Other sources of symbolism


    How did the Rishi's discover the Eternal Truth? - II

A Special request to readers - understanding this page and the previous page is most crucial to understand the whole of Vedic and its Spiritual Knowledge. So Please read this with full attention.

From the previous page we understood that the mind (thoughts) wanders externally through the world of objects using the sense organs. In other instances, it is depressed of the past events and anxious of the future. In some other moments it relishes on the past happy moments and excited about the future. Or the other combinations.

Awareness - Witnessing

   To summarize, at any moment, the mind is wandering and not present in the present (current)moment. The real potential of any individual lies in his or her Awareness state. It is the state of potentialities, possibilities, creativeness, ingeniousness,  body's involuntary actions (also called as healing), Energy, Bliss, Peace and "Being" or Spirit, Love. 

Awareness is the "Power of Now". It is in the present moment. The mind and the Ego is always in the past or the future. the awareness is the present. To be in awareness is the Spirit. This is where "inspiration" comes from.

   To be Spiritual means to be in this state of Awareness. To be religious is different from being Spiritual. The fundamental aim of religion is to make an individual spiritual but caught in the web of organization, only very few end-up being Spiritual.

It is this Awareness state that is referred as the Individual-Soul or Jeeva-Atma in Sanskrit. 

The Rishi's have discovered this beautiful state of Awareness and created two great technologies Yoga and Meditation, which modern people are feeling the greatness of it in this 21st century, just by skimming on its surface. Deep diving into this state, one will discover the rare pearls of Cosmic secrets.

    Among a few Rishi's who dived deep into the "River" of Awareness, countable ones swam into the Ocean of Consciousness and experienced bewilderness. Without a proper trainer (Guru) going into this deep Ocean of Consciousness can be dangerous, like swimming from river to the Ocean. This is why this knowledge was kept as Mystic or Secret. In Vedic Tradition without a Master (Guru), it is impossible to get this knowledge. Only under the tutelage of a Guru, an individual can get this Eternal Knowledge, superior to the Objective knowledge of the objects.

Purpose of the technology of Yoga and Meditation:

     The fundamental purpose of Yoga and Meditation is to help humanity to enjoy bliss and Peace and not suffering in life. Suffering is because of ignorance of this field of Awareness. The great Vedic teacher Yogi Patanjali, devised Ashtanga Yoga, the Eight Fold steps towards this state of Awareness. It is the most logical and "the" way to Spiritual enlightenment.

     Elsewhere we will discuss how this body-sense-Mind-Intellect path is the foundation of Yoga and Meditation. It is a step by step process without each leading to the next like steps in a ladder leading to the heights of Awareness.

     Awareness is the Seat of all Miracles and powers called "Siddhi's". The Kundalini Shakthi described is also seated in this State. All have used Yoga and Meditation to reap the different powers and knowledge.  Next page we describe the different branches of knowledge they were able to excel.

    What did the Rishi's discover as the Eternal Truth?

As we have mentioned earlier pages that all information from within us comes from the field of Awareness. It is art to tap knowledge from this Awareness, the field of knowledge.  Rishi's  being in this state of Awareness, were able to get knowledge in other branches of science which is still applicable to Modern Science.

The Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage: lists out contributions  various Scientific disciplines of Astronomy, Astrology, Ayurveda, Architecture, Vedic-Mathematics, Architecture, metallurgical sciences, Kama-shastra and many more. The Vedic approach to management is an integrated approach looking into physiological, psychological, family - society and national aspects. In all these branches the fundamental Vedic Principle of body-mind-intellect-awareness path is reflected.

Answer to the question:

Different Rishi's have tapped different degrees of this Awareness state and obtained the knowledge regarding the mysteries of the Universe. Without objectively pursuing externally through the sense organs like the Modern Scientists, Ancient Scientists, the Rishi's took the alternative route of internal seeking and reaching the right "Source" of all creation and Big-Bang.

    Modern Medical Science after reaching the pinnacle of technological success is now turning towards the alternative source involving the Mind, researching and proving the health benefits of Yoga and Meditation. There is no doubt that it could help to experience few moments of Awareness state resulting in good health and happiness. But these are just trivial shells collecting in the rivers.  Plunging deep in the Ocean Of Consciousness is when one finds the pearls of Wisdom about the mystery of the Universe.

What is this Consciousness?

 It is the Consciousness that has manifested as this Universe and all life forms in it.  Everything is only the manifestation of Consciousness. In the next few pages we will discuss how this Consciousness has manifested as the diverse Universe. The Consciousness is that which is never destroyed. Only the forms are changing.

     Is Awareness different from Consciousness?. Awareness is conditioned to change whereas Consciousness is unconditional. Its looks confusing initially about these two terms. However the  logical explanation of the Vedic theory of creation discussed in the next few pages will help to understand the two terms clearly.

     However before going to the Theory of creation, we will briefly discuss the Symbolic language of the Vedas. Like Modern science using graphical images the Rishi's used Symbolic images to explain to the layman the mystery of the Universe.


  How did the Rishi's discover the Eternal Truth?

A Special request to readers - understanding this page and the next page is most crucial to understand the whole of Vedic and its Spiritual Knowledge. So Please read this with full attention.

   As we discussed in the previous page, Rishi's (seers of Eternal Knowledge)  developed methods of inner enquiry into the mystery of the universe equally exact and reliable in practice as the most rigorous scientific study.  They started their search from the simple body and sense organs and journeyed deeper and deeper to the core of the "Being".

What is this "Being" or Soul? 

Internal Physical examination performed  on a human body finds no Soul anywhere in the body. Vedic tradition alone gives answers for these questions through inquiry method devised by Rishi's.

  The Rishi's approach is scientific, simple and can be experimented and experienced. Their query started from the perceivable gross-physical body composed of  the five sense organs. They started with the sense organs because we perceive everything only through the sense organs.

Body and Sense organs:

However, enquiry of the nature of the five sense organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin, it is clear that these physical organs cannot perform independently of some intrinsic/subtle (internal) factor. The eyes may  be turned towards objects but nothing need to be seen.

     We all had this experience of having  eyes fixed but without the sight of the teacher in a class-room. Not to say about the physical presence of ears in the classroom without hearing a single word spoken by the mathematics teacher. So what is this subtle/intrinsic factor that makes an physical sense organ  perceive the world full of sensational objects?

Mind and thoughts:

The intelligent Rishi's discovered that mere presence of these physical sense organs alone cannot perceive the world. All sensational perceptions of the world is registered as "thoughts". Every thought (Vrithi) is attributed to a form (Gana). The flow of the thoughts is called as Mind.  Thousands of thoughts arise every day.  Most of the arise through the interaction of the sense organs  with the world of objects. Other thoughts are created  independent of the physical body and sense organs but based on the memory of the existing thoughts.

     So the mind is what helps perceive this world of objects. With this perception of materialistic world along with the body of sense organs, the  Mind also creates a personality within, which we called individuality.  Without the mind there is no world for the individual, even though the world may exist for other minds. In other words, using the body as the center point, the Mind creates a world in relation to the body of sense organs. 

     In sleep, the mind creates a "real-like" dream world with thoughts completely unaware of the world in which the body exists. That is, in the waking state, the Mind makes us to feel a real world based on the body and sense organs. In the dreaming state our mind makes us to feel a real-world independent of the our existing body.  This shows that the mind alternates in two worlds with the thoughts it generates. This is the solid proof that it is the mind that creates the world.

Intellect - the decision maker:We are always performing actions, action of speech, hearing, tasting, smelling and movements. The cause to do all these actions are thoughts in the mind. In other words, the thoughts in the mind are expressed as actions by the body organs.

     Though many thoughts of actions arises in the mind, there is a choice making in executing the type of actions.  at every moment. The decision maker in executing the choices is called as the intellect. There might be a conflict between the individuality and the intellect in choosing the type of actions to be performed. The outcome of choice then depends on the strength of the individuality verses the strength of the intellect.

     The power of the intellect is to give information on the pros and cons of  result of an action based on inherent knowledge. Some past experiential knowledge may help the individuality to yield to the decision making of the intellect.

     Example, when some one feels to steal an object belonging to another person, the inherent intellect warns of the consequences of that action. Again it is the war between the strength of individuality and the Intellect (supported by past personal or other's experience of crime-punishment)  that decides the type of action that will be performed.  

     At any instance, immaterial of the choice of action,  the Intellect gives an opportunity to with-draw (pull) the mind from actively wandering state to a state of stillness, or focusing state or so called concentration state.  This concentration state is a bridging state towards the "Awareness" state.

    Concentration is anchoring of the wandering Mind by the intellect. This is the state which leads to discovery or any creativity. We experience this all the time. Every moment is not a discovering or creating moment because of the wandering nature of the mind.

Nature of the mind is to brood over the past or to be anxious of the future. Our mind is never at rest. Always thinking thoughts of what good or bad happened in the past or anxious and fearsome of excited about the future. 

     So the mind is never in the present. It is always in the past or in the present. It is the intellect that pulls the mind for brief seconds to the state of the present.

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