Mystery of Consciousness

Consciousness is the last surviving mystery of every human being. With the advancements in  science and technology, we might feel that there are nothing that can be termed as mystery nowadays. But consciousness is an entity that still remains a mystery to contemporary philosophers, psychologists, neurophysio-logists, and cognitive scientists. After the discovery of DNA as the Genetic material, the Scientist turned towards the research on Consciousness. 

    Consciousness remains the last mystery for modern scientists  to solve. According to Vedic tradition infact Self-Realization of Consciousness is the very purpose of every human life and the culmination of Samsara, the cycle of birth and death.

What is the Mystery?All that we experience of body and mind, the sensual pleasures and feelings are subjective. We cannot describe that in words to any one else. These subjective qualities are known as qualia (Qualee). The mystery of Consciousness is: how are qualia related to the physical world, in other words how does the objective physical brain manage to produce subjective qualia? as feelings.

   Consciousness is often mis-understood as a by-product of the brain. Inspite of leaping discoveries in neuroscience modern scientists are unable to understand Consciousness. This has first time led the Modern Scientist to lend ears to the Spiritual-scientists (Yogis or Rishi's). This is the first time Modern Science is willing to shake hands with Spirituality.

    As discussed in the earlier pages, Ancient masters have used the correct method to understand Consciousness. Their technology of Yoga and Meditation is now becoming more popular and indispensible than other technologies.  The ancient alternate mode of approaching the problem through inward inquiry only can solve the mystery of Consciousness.

   The Ancient Rishi's through their inner inquiry discovered the mystery of Consciousness. They expressed it symbolic ways because the discovery is difficult to articulate. In the next page you will see a picture which in a nutshell explains the complete description of Consciousness.   


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 Energy Consciousness - http://ryuc.info/creativityphysics/energy_consciousness/energy_consciousness.htm



Who creates Ego?

      It is no different from asking, Who creates the shadow?,  the light or the object?. The light is certainly not responsible for the creation of the shadow. However, the shadow cannot be formed without the light and so does not have any independent existence of its own. The object in respective of its position to the light source is the cause of the creation of shadow.

      If the object is far away from the light source, the shadow's length is longer. The closer the object moves towards the light source, shorter the shadow's length and once when the object and the shadow are in close proximity the objects merges with the light.  Look at the illustration given below. The shadow of the pyramid like structure is longer when it is far away from the light source. The length of the shadow decreases as it approaches the light source.     

           Ego similarly does not have any independent existence. It is just the shadow in the presence of Pure Consciousness. Pure consciousness is not responsible for the creation of Ego and at the same time, without Consciousness Ego does not exist.

           Without God or pure Consciousness, there is nothing, but God has nothing to do with whatever is happening in this world. It is all the shadow  play of the Ego. This concept of God is confused vastly in all religions, however spiritual traditions are very clear about it. Not understanding this concept is ignorance and leads to all confusions, pain and suffering. All the problems that we suffer are our own creation. We create thoughts with our own free will and suffer from it. This is why from the beginning we have been insisting on creating positive thoughts to create a blissful life.

         God as a person is the creation of Ego for it to feel cozy and protected. We will see how many disguises the Ego takes to protect itself. In the name of God ego achieves to fulfill all its needs and wants. In the name of God, Ego does not give up making discriminations and distinctions and take control over other fellow beings and living beings. In the name of God, Ego ruthlessly can harm and torture all beings in the world. In the name of God it can kill spiritual traditions and inhibit the evolution. Through the mis-understanding of the word God, Ego fuels all discussions, debates and war through which it nourishes its own beliefs and concepts. Ego will eradicate any free thinking that will go in the direction of the intellect and finally awareness.

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The Ego

       The Sun which was shining upon the seed or causal body, the same Sun shines equally upon the subtle body of the river; and the same Sun which shines upon the seed body and subtle body of the river, shines equally upon the gross body of the river.

       The true Atman or real Self, which was seen shining upon the deep sleep state’s body shines also upon your dreamland and upon your wakeful state—upon the gross body, as it were, but where lies the difference? The difference lies in the reflection of the Sun. When the Sun was shining upon the seed body of the river, upon the glaciers, the image of the Sun was not seen there. The action of the Sun was intense upon the glaciers, but the reflection or image of the Sun was not seen; but when the Sun began to shine upon the subtle body of the river, the Sun is reflected. But hazy. But in the river in the third level ,the reflection of the Sun is very clear.

         This means in the gross physical body the reflection of the Consciousness is very clear in the form of awareness. This is obvious very much in the case of Awareness (Conditioned Consciousness) being co clear in the physical body. We can very much feel awareness in the physical body. We try using the brain and the nervous to have of all sorts of experiences. All experiences are really an attempt to being Awareness. But all experience culminates as bliss in awareness as the glittering glaciers in the Mountain tops.

      When the Sun was shining upon the subtle body of the river, there the Sun’s image was seen. No image of the Sun was seen upon the snow-capped peaks or upon the glaciers; but in the subtle body of the river, in the mountains, in the rivulets, is the image of the Sun seen. What does this image imply? This image in origin is the real Self, the true Atman, the Unchangeable, the Immutable in you, the true Divinity, Atman or God. (We use the word God for layman language for the term unconditioned Consciousness).

       The same God is present in you when you are in the deep sleep state, that God shines upon your seed body, but examine, in the deep sleep state (awareness), no egoism is present, you have no idea of ‘I am asleep’, ‘I grow’, ‘I digest the food’, ‘I do this’; that is, there is no ego; the real Self is there, but no ego is there. This false apparent ego which is looked upon as the self by people is not there.


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1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes consciousness and awareness more vividly.

2. In woods of God Realization - Swami Ram Tirtha

     Ego - the reflection

      The dreaming state (Mind) is like the second state of the river, the subtle body of the river. There it becomes apparent, and it becomes apparent also in the wakeful state (body). You know, your wakeful state is like the state of the river when it is upon the plains, the gross body of the river. There the Sun shines clearly; it was shining clearly upon the glaciers, but it reflects its image only in the stream; in the muddy river is the image of the Sun seen; so in your wakeful state, the image of the Sun is also seen.

       This egoism—I do this, I do this, I am this, I am that, all this egoism—this selfish apparent self makes its appearance in the wakeful state also. But you see there is a difference in the ego of your dreamland and the ego of your wakeful state. In your dreamland the ego which has been to you as the reflection or shadow of the true Atman or God, is fickle, changeable, vague, unsettled, hazy; exactly as the reflection of the Sun in the stream when it is upon the mountains is vague, meandering, changeable; and in your wakeful state this ego is definite, permanent, as in slow stream, slow river, when it is flowing upon the plains.

Claims of the Ego

         The irony  is the reflection of the Sun take claims that it is the real Sun, and it was who that melted the glaciers and formed the streaming  mountains and now it is the one that is floating on this river. "I" "I" "Mine" is the way this Ego reflection uses the maximum. One's you realize your true Self, then you understand what a fool this Ego was, claiming all work to itself. The biggest foolishness was to think that it was floating on the river and it was part of the river. In reality it was not the river, its reflection just fell on the river. The Ego is mere a reflection and has no substance in reality.

        But this reflection does not want to away. The Ego does not like to think that it is a reflection. it tries all means to protects its false identity. To achieve this it makes all the concepts and tries to prove its reality. This is what we see in this world that is happening. It tries to establish its power in every means and moments of life.


1. Journey To The Source: Decoding Matrix Trilogy- Pradheep Chhalliyil  to read about this interesting book that describes consciousness and awareness more vividly.

2. In woods of God Realization - Swami Ram Tirtha

Mind and Awareness

                  The mind is the hazy reflection of the Sun on the streaming river in the second stage of river on the mountain. Remember this is the stage when the river picks us great momentum. This is the why our mind is so active. So awareness is the glittering reflection of the Sun on the glaciers. As we saw in the previous page, the sun's reflection on the glaciers is all over the region and like the awareness does look like have both the qualities of being localized as well as spread all over. Whereas the reflection of the Sun is more taking into shape but is hazy highly shaking, subtle ,when the stream of water gushes to flow down the mountain to the plains.

      The qualities of mind is described  in Sanskrit as "Chanchala"  which means that which is not firm, shakable, restless or wavering and "Asthira"  or unsteady—(Gita, VI, 26).  That is the very nature of the mind. Like the fast flowing stream of river in the mountains, the mind is very turbulent and flows with full momentum. The mind is never stable and wanders and takes twists and turns in  no time, like the meandering streams in the mountains.

     It is the Same Unconditioned Consciousness, that illuminates awareness and mind in us, like the same sun that shines and glitters the glaciers and also the same Sun reflected in the hazy form on the streaming and gushing meandering river. The beauty is that , the Sun is untouched on any of these events. It acts as thought it is just a witness of the whole act and not involved in any of these action, yet without Sun these events actions cannot happen either.

       Let us descend a little to the plains. Now in the plains we have different scenes. The same water, the same river we saw present in the seed form upon the snow-capped glaciers and which adopted a most fantastic and most poetic aspect in its subtle form lower down on the mountains, the same waters, the same river now becomes a muddy stream upon the plains. In the plains, the same river, the same Ganges river becomes a mighty stream. It has undergone a great change. It has put on new clothing, new colour; it does not keep its original transparency and its original limpidness; it becomes dirty, turbid and it becomes changed in colour. Muddy it becomes and at the same time it changes its speed. It becomes now slow, very slow, and on the other hand it becomes more useful now. Upon the surface of this mighty river float boats, float ships, traffic is carried on. People come and bathe, and the water of the great river now is utilized in canals and aqueducts for irrigating the lands and for fertilizing the country around.
        This third stage of the river’s life is the gross body of the river. And what about the life of the river? What about the real motive power of the river? The real motive power of the river is the Sun, the glorious Orb. Now let us apply this illustration to man.

Source: in woods of God Realization - Swami Ram Tirtha.

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