Universal Five Pattern concept

 The Basis of Uni5

 At the primary level, children from age one are connected to the world through the five sensorial activities of hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste. This lays the basic foundation for pattern recognition at the elementary level, when we connect them to the Five Energy Patterns found in the Universe.

We know that energy is a fundamental aspect of our universe. Through our research we have classified stages from the single big bang energy explosion to the current state of the universe into five phenomenal stages of evolution. Any Energy whether it is a thought, or an idea also undergoes the five stages of growth, like a seed which sprouts to leaves, branches and goes on to become a tree; to then blossom into flowers, fruits and seeds again. This is a cyclic pattern of the five stages.

To understand the Uni5 Universal Self Pattern model, let us take the example of both seed’s evolution and the evolution of the universe through this five stage pattern.

five expansion

  1. 1.Expansion of both the primordial energy and the seed, due to its infinite or unconditioned Potential like space. five expansion

  2. 2.Localization or conditioning of Energy into energy particles, triggers motion (Kinetic Energy) with respect to time. This is similar to air localizing into a balloon and giving shape and movement to it. In seed, the germinating conditions kick start the seed to sprout.
  3. 3.Interactions or reactions localized Energy particles involve heat or fire (Thermal Energy), like the heat accelerated biochemical reactions in the seed.five transformation
  4. 4. Transformation or changing forms due to interactions ; as in formation of many chemical elements in the stars, planets and spouting seeds. Changing shapes can be symbolized by Water. five interaction
  5. 5.Stabilization of transformed physical forms (Physical Energy) in the form of stars, planets, microbes, plants, animals, and human beings. In the sprouting seed, this stabilization continues in the leaves, roots, stem, and branches etc. All physical bodies are symbolized as Earth.

We see this five stage energy pattern reflected, not only in the creation and evolution of the universe, but in every particle form on the universe; and its energy vibration in every process of the external as well as our internal universe. Internally, we see space as Consciousness, an expanded, unconditional view; air as localized Awareness or self-view; fire as Intelligence - the logical view; water like the changing flow of thoughts, the Mind – the belief view; and earthfive stabilization as the stabilizing Body or sensory view.

This model helps children understand the different levels of perception or reality; and their own personalities based on nature or levels of views. Children can build a strong psychological foundation of their own choosing, using this as a frame of reference.

As far as we know, the Uni5 education system is the first of its kind, applying pattern recognition both externally and internally, in learning and education.

Pattern based learning is also useful for its application in this era of information explosion. Whenever information data reaches a critical stage, classification becomes vital for both data management to accommodate the further inflow of data. For example, when different species of plants, insects and animals were identified, classification into botanical names helped in learning and making identification easy. When several atomic elements were discovered, a periodic table was created classifying and thus helping make use of our information efficiently. Similarly, it is essential to classify all the information being given to children in a simple, recognizable pattern to make learning easy.

A child can classify information by itself just by looking at the five fingers. Our five fingers represent the closest example “at hand “of the five universal energy pattern and connect it to all branches of science, including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, languages, economics, arts, sociology, psychology, medicine, engineering and philosophy.

We see this five stage energy pattern in the evolution of languages – a thousand languages emerging from the seed of a single common Indo European language; or a single religion evolving into many sub religious groups etc.

It can reduce the number of years it currently takes a child to “learn” or, even better, understand all the concepts. Theoretically, a child can finish a Bachelor’s degree before age 15 or 16.

Grasping the Uni5 pattern recognition

It is as difficult to grasp this pattern for a child as it is to learn the 1 to 10 number patterns. However, once the pattern is understood, it is easy to connect every kind of knowledge to this pattern.
This system is based on the Truth, discovered by great men and women, over many centuries.

We currently have three Uni5 model schools imparting this education that interconnects concepts from all branches of knowledge to the deepest self, revealing the mystery of the universe and about our existence.

In our schools, we do not emphasize external competition, because it deems destructive for a harmonious and balanced society of compassionate people; instead, we encourage a healthy internal competition within, between the different faculties of our being, in order to evolve to higher levels.

Compliant with this concept, the schools are stress-free places of love and fun for both teachers and children.

Your Involvement

Only through a collective joining of hands, can we help this non-profit, yet globally profitable, project become successfully implemented in our schools to ensure peaceful lives for children, parents and educators.

Please continue to read the five levels of the system, for successful implementation.

Uni5 Education System  (UES)

What is the need to connect and learn through a five pattern system?

It is natural that we look for efficiency in everything in life, including education. We desire an education for our children that not only allows them to absorb facts in a short amount of time; it also makes them smarter and enhances their creativity. An effective education is one that stimulates creative brains by developing their ability to connect different information or facts.

For example, Martin Cooper could create a cell phone by connecting different bits of information and finding a pattern in it. He connected Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone invention in 1876 to Reginald sending human voice through radio waves in 1900; Young’s arrangement of radio wave towers in a hexagonal pattern in 1947 to Richard and Joel’s division of wireless communication into a series of cells. Connecting all this information, he was able to revolutionize the communication system of phones by creating the cell phone.

Technological and scientific discoverers and pioneers in disparate fields all use connectivity for their creative talents in the fields of art, music, economics and philosophy.

However, merely connecting information cannot lead to ingenious creativity. Most intelligent and creative people all share one common secret - they recognize patterns. The pattern recognition comes from their ability to connect information that others fail to notice.

brainNeuroscience also correlates neuronal connectivity  to intelligence and creativity. Neuronal connectivity is directly proportional to intelligent performance. The brain grows rapidly for the first five years of human development. At age five, the brain is at 90% of its total worth; and grows gradually until age twenty.

Until the age of five, therefore, it makes sense to expose children to a system of education that enhances connectivity and pattern recognition, thereby having tremendous influence on their intelligence and creativity. An example is the Montessori system of education that has created a revolution in primary education by emphasizing manual dexterity and pattern recognition during the early developmental years.

Unfortunately, most of the learning systems available give little importance to connectivity and pattern recognition. The only exceptions are while teaching mathematics and music. All global education systemshaveused thepatternof1to10tograsptheabstractconceptofmathematics.Mostofus remember havingrepeated numbers from 1to10to 100, or to amaximumof500or1000tocomprehendmathematicalpatterns. This wassufficient for us tograsp the bigger numbersofmillions,billionsandtrillions.So,just bylearningthe1to10pattern,wenaturallygaintheintelligencetocomprehend even infinity.

Current educationsystems use mathematical pattern recognition to teach numbers and maybe extend that pattern to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Only great geniuses like  Kapila, AryaBhatta, Pythagoras,Newton,  Ramanujam and  Feyman used this pattern for higher applications.

However, the same educational systems are not using this simple pattern recognition system to teach science, arts and philosophy. If some are, it is minimal in its reach and capacity. As in mathematics, think how easily children would grasp abstract concepts if taught in a simplepattern” method.

Is there a pattern that we can use as a template or reference, universally in all fields of knowledge?

Yes! Through many years of research, we have developed a pattern or template to be used as a reference for children to connect all sorts of information easily.

Please click here for knowing the details.

A 14min short video about Uni5 Education


 Universal Self pattern model simplifies conceptual learning. Like the five fingers, children learn to recognise the five universal energy pattern and connect to similar patterns in all branches of arts and sciences. Neuroscience correlates neuneuronal connectivity to intelligence and creativity.


Children should understand Energy as

As the NRC Framework for K–12 Science Education (NRC, 2012) states, “Energy is best understood at the microscopic scale, at which it can be modeled as either motions of particles or as stored in force fields (electric, magnetic, gravitational) that mediate interactions between particles” (p. 121). The Framework also states: “The idea that there are different forms of energy, such as thermal energy, mechanical energy, and chemical energy, is misleading, as it implies that the nature of the energy in each of these manifestations is distinct when in fact they all are ultimately, at the atomic scale, some mixture of kinetic energy, stored energy, and radiation” (p. 122).


1. http://www.scimathmn.org/stemtc/sites/default/files/downloads/framework_for_k-12_science_education_final_0.pdf  (page 120)

2.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3671656/pdf/306.pdf

Energy is stored in a system of molecules

The interconnected learning progressions of structure, properties and, energy.

Energy changes involved with atomic and molecular interactions and the explicit connections between potential energy decrease (the energy stored in the electric field as the atoms or molecules approach) and the kinetic energy released.

Potential energy minimization and the macroscopic manifestation of this phenomenon, namely, the temperature changes that occur as the result of molecular-level interactions and the impact of temperature on the stability of interactions. Concept of systems    to clearly frame the connections between the molecular and the macroscopic. 

Other patterns

Technological Thinking
Ecological Thinking
Focus on parts and how they connect for immediate performance
Focus on patterns, context, connectedness, and relationships

Problems reduced or taken apart for understanding

Whole = sum of parts


Need understanding of parts in context of larger whole

Whole > sum of parts

World as collection of objects; relationships secondary.   Objects are networks of relationships
Gives sense of rigid structures of domination and control   Multileveled order of interdependence
Product- oriented thinking, often in terms of closed systems  

Contextual thinking or weaving together to make sure there is free flow in network; structure follows.

Often open systems.

Table 1: Technological Thinking vs. Ecological Thinking (adapted from FRITJOF CAPRA).



Click to know about misconceptions in Teaching Energy Science.

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