Arts And Crafts connectis  to Emotional patterns

Instead of merely allowing children to merely color, cut and glue, we introudce various craft work which allow pattern recognition and connectivity in children.

Apart from allowing to use crayons with free hand drawings and scribblings, teachers show all types of knitting, embriodery, gems-stones fixing to cloth (chamki work) to children. 

We also use local pattern recognistion like mat weaving, flower garland making, beads strnging etc.  It is interesting to note that the Nobel prize winner in his bio graphy says his child hood expose to knitting helped to later develop a strong mathematical brain. ( see article Richard Feynman's  How to teach Science).

Other pattern designing painting with various colors, clay work, paper folding are also done.

We also use eco friendly materials and methodology like kolam drawing in Southern Indian tradition. Mathermatical properties of kolam is studied in Computer Science field too (American Scientist Article). Other interesting feature in Northampton Community College research. More on Kolam - wiki

This type of  exposure helps children later to connect arts to mathematics, language and science.


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