Fine Motor Skills connects to work patterns

Human evolved to higher intelligence when he started to use hands to make tools, that indirectly did neuronal inter connectivity. This is why we expose all essential practical life skills are  presented and exercised with child size materials, special Montessori sensorial materials and many hands-eyes coordinating tools.

This creates a huge difference in children in the children's ability to grasp patterns and be creative in later stages.

Out dated traditional tools and modern tools both exposed: We expose children to both outdated traditional and modern tools because it helps builds a strong scientific foundation which helps them later to connect and be creative.

 Example use of broom stick, allows children to be aware of the process of cleaning and moving objects of various sizes, from dust to bigger objects.

 Grinding stones of variety of shapes and sizes and kinds used for various purposes from wet , dry grinding of grains, herbs, vegetables etc expose them to the physcial sciences. We also connect children to separation technique in traditional winnowing pan (Muram) for winnowing grains. Churning of butter from yogurt is a favorite of many children to see the physics of sepration and the chemcistry of food.

Carrying small pots of water in the hip and in the head to give a sense of balance. Walking pattern, on zig saw and curved lines also done.

We use tamarind (a fruit used in Indian cooking) to clean brass instead of chemical detergents. This makes the child to connect to the chemistry of food as well as detergents and also the concept of eco friendliness.

Child size modern equipments like iron box, peeler, traditional iron box are also given.

 Lighting lamp, incense sticks, making garland with flowers, kolam, floral arrangements, vessels organization in kitchen, simple Indian cooking, cutting vegetables for different recipes in different in Indian cooking, arranging prayer room, different types of grinding and pounding stones, Indian balance, .

Hair plating for girls showing various patterns is also done.

Wearing buttons, changing dress and different type of costumes are shown.

Eating food with hands are first allowed to master and then to use spoon and forks.

Doll house playing and also eco friendly ball making and playing also gives team work spirit.

All these activities are given with the Uni5 pattern in mind.


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