Music And Instruments connects to Rhymic patterns

 Alphabets connect children to the sound pattern, while music connects to the rhythmic patterns of sounds. In Uni5 model exposing children with this concept to various type of music again enchances their deep scientific  understanding of frequency of sound, amplitude, tone and pitch.

At a later stage we connect them  to the universal energy pattern and music and how various combinations of rhymic patterns can create music.  In this regard we expose children to both  Indian musical instruments and international musical instruments.

Musical connecting to rhymic patterns of day times and sesaons times, emotional states, energy patterns (Pancha bhootas) are also done.

This way they are exposed to all the patterns interconnecting to various aspects in our school.

Every day songs are sung in many languages that  convey a message.

Chanting shlokas, Christmas carols, songs, are also exposed to children.

Playing back ground music each day different in the children environment.

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