Skills are subjective patterns

All activities in our school are aimed to develop a variety of skills in children.

Life skills, role play or modeling, taking responsibilty are emphasized.

Social behavorial skills like sneezing, coughing manners, raising hands to answer, standing in line, using dust bin, standing up when elders (acknowleding their entry), saying namaste is to acknowledge the meeting.

Vinayagar super brain yoga, breathing exercise to be aware of our body, remaining calm for few minutes and be aware of the surroundings.

Enacting characters of stories.

Day to day activities like showing how to spread mat and sit down, taking tools from cabinets and putting them back in order etc.

 Show and experience with other children to connect and feel nature phenomenon

1. planteray motions, example, Earth rounding the sun  and moon rounding the Earth,

2. movement of water from ocean to clouds, rainfall and flowing to rivers.


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