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Axiomatic Selftual Awareness


This section is about being yourself.

There are five modes to bring change in our life. This could be through

1. Plunging into Self numbing/destroying alcohol and drugs (physical) and or other sensorial gratifications method.

2. Beleiving in a God who will take care of my problems (Religious) Self-soothing/convincing method.

3. Motivating my own effort of rational analysis (Scientific)  method.

4. Realising my "witnessing Self Awareness" (Spiritual) method.

5. Inter-connecting my "Self" to the Universe laws (patterns) and transform to Universal Energy/Consciousness state (Selftual).

In this site we have all these choices of changing our lives, however, the first and second choices are transformed to a logical  third and fourth levels.

The Uni5 Pattern based school system is a method to use the scientific method from a very young age (even adults also can follow it).

The Vedic is spiritual method  functions as an adaptor for all religious groups (Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, etc) to see the Universality of laws (patterns) to inter-connect to all fellow beings for a hormonious life.

Selftual method like pieces in a zigzaw puzzle interconnects all these levels to realize the reality of life.


When to become Selftual?

Selftuality in an individual becomes highly effective if it is introduced  in Selftual-pregnancy. This is why mother is the most respected person in all cultures.

If missed in pregnancy, then the next is at infant stage, which are Uni5-Selftual schools are providing.

For grownup children we offer this through our Selftual-CCC programs.

For adults we offer through Selftual-CAC programs and for personality development programs at work though the Selftual-COC programs.



Problems solving Selftual personality!

The problems in our life are caused solely by our-Self only. This means the problem creators in our environment (family, work-place and community) in which we now live in was our own choice. 

1. Think forward instead of blaming ourself: Understanding that we are solely responsible for our problems or made the choice of the problematic environment, we should let go of it and move forward to re-create the environment we wish to be in. Instead of accepting this fact, we will be struck with finding and judging the people or environment we are in and fail to move forward.

2. In creating a new life, we have to let go unwanted aspects and also willing to sacrifice our present comforts: This is crucial undferstanding of the Selftual method, because to create a new life, we need "Energy" and this can come by cutting "energy" sucking thoughts (by letting go) and transforming the Energy in present comforts (sacrifice). These two sources of Energy will sufficiently create the new comfortable life environment we wish.

All this we do for own Self-tual, which means the transformation changes I bring in my life (at my physical, emotional and logical levels) are for my own happiness, which will sooner or later will radiate around myself also.

 May be you are looking for a proof for the validaity of the above statements. Click here to know that one thing in this universe alone does not a proof.

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Uni5 Meditation

Uni5 Meditation technique  is a very simple systematic self-guided means of transcending to the Self-Awareness. Using the five fingers, one can  self-remind the level of one's own Self-Awareness.

Thumb is the space element (Consciousness) that can flexibly touch the other four fingers as Air (Self-Awareness), Fire (Intelligence), Water (Mind) and Earth (body). Using the five fingers in Uni5 meditation (Consciousness/Awarefullness/mindfullness), one can effortlessly be Conscious of the state of One-Self.

Uniqueness of Uni5 Meditation: This is the most simplest Self-Guided meditation. You are Self-Aware of your own Self and also can Self guide to a state you want to be. Usually in meditation,  one is caught with thinking thoughts and has to take effort to be focussed. It is natural that one slips into or lost in thoughts during meditation and totally be unaware of meditation. This is the most common problem in doing meditation. Some people then end up in sleep when they start to meditate. All these can be overcome by this energetically, totally Self-involved meditation technique.

Uni5 Meditation helps to overcome all the difficulties faced in meditation to a great extent by increasing Self-Awareness of the action you are doing.


Pre-Process: Do the super brain Yoga to refresh your BMIAC. Do minimum five sit-ups. Best 25 situps and if you can do 50, to a maximum  of 108.  Click for details here.

Sit comfortably, if possible cross legged on an insulated material like a blanket, wooden plank, mat, cotton cloth etc. You dont want your bioelectric current to be drained to earth, by being in contact with the floor.

Logo-uni51. Keep two hands on your lap, with fingers in uni5 posture (join index finger with thumb forming a circle).

2. Close your eyes, and be aware of your body. So now in both the hands, may your thumb and little finger form a circle. This is to make you aware that you are now in Body-Awareness/Consciousness state. You are free to feel your body sensations, movements, anything to do with the body. You can stay in this state as long you feel, watching the body. Best is less than a minute to few minutes.

3. Now without opening your eyes, change to ring finger forming a circle with thumb.Be aware of your thoughts and feel free to watch your thoughts arising. Dont hold on to anything and be dragged away. Just be aware of that you are watching the thought. Feel like you are watching your thoughts come and go, like sitting in a park and watching people come and go.  You can stay in this state as long you feel. Best is less than a minute to few minutes.

4. Without opening your eyes, change to middle finger forming a circle with thumb. Now chant the short word (Mantra) silently within you. Be aware of this mantra you are chanting. Listen to the inner chanting of the mantra. You can stay in this state as long you feel. Best is less than a minute to few minutes. Chanting Mantra keeps the mind engaged into a focussing activity. You can use a mantra like "Maaa" ( Aaah is a Universal Sound which all new-borns produce...the "Mm" sound added gives the sound of "love, Mother or creative energy".

You can try with this mantra and if you feel, this meditation is easy for you, you can use the same Mantra or ask for a "Uni5 Mantra".  Rather than Self initiation, mantra sound recieved from a teacher has a special effect. However to get initiated with a mantra from our teachers, mail toinfo (att)  uni5 (dot) co with the subject "Need a Mantra". Give your telephone number and time to call. it will be a one minute call to give you the mantra instructions.

5. Again without opening your eyes, change to index finger forming a circle with thumb. Be aware of your breath going in and out. Initially you can take forced long breaths in and out , then let it slow down. But we aware of the breath only.  You can stay in this state as long you feel. Best is 5 to 10 minutes.

Dealing with distractions: In between if you hear an external sound and got a thought, then change the finger to the ring car gear 3finger and begin the same process from that level. Any distraction in the mind is not a problem, just stop the process you are doign tobegin from the begnining based on the distraction you got. if it was a thought, then start from ring finger and then it is connected to a sound then start from little finger.

As days goes by, you can quickly switch between states and be totally control of it and also can extend the same pattern to deal with life activities in a similar fashion.


This is a Journey to you own Self-Awareness. You shift car gear 1gears from body to mind and then to intelligence. These are similar to the three gears systems in a carcar gear 2. You start the car moving from the first gear to the second and then to the third. When there is interference in the road, you quickly apply the brakes and then down the gear to the slowest level and start the process again. 

 This meditation is exactly like driving a car. Through this meditation you learn to drive all your inner faculties properly and avoid accidents in life.

Through Uni5 meditation you take control of your life , with complete Self-Awareness. Click for the gear system animation.


1.You will generate Self- Awareness Energy, which you can divert to solve any problem in your life. Example, you cna use it to heal your body. Many diseases can be healed in this process along with other supplementing treatments (when you dont have enough of this Energy generated).

2. You will control your emotions better, thoughts better, stay focussed in your work.

3. Your intelligence will be sharp and you will perform good at work or studies.

4. Your Self-Awareness deepens. Good for your internal evolution. You will have completeness, satisfaction and acceptance of the inner and outside reality. This will lead you to do right action at right time with complete awarness to make a change in you first and then in the outside world.

5. You will unify yourself with this Cosmos as One entity, the highest state one can attain!

Initiation: In all our Sakthi Centers, our trained teachers will help you with this technique.

You are free to use your own mantra and start the Uni5 meditation, minimum one time, ideal twice, best thrice, good four time and excellent five times a day. Each time 5 to 10 minutes.

However to get initiated with a mantra from our teachers, mail to info (att)  uni5 (dot) co with the subject "Need a Mantra". Give your telephone number and time to call. it will be a one minute call to give you the mantra instructions.


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We have coined a new word "Selftual" (Self-tual) to denote to be aware of one's own Self. The life Energy that makes us feel alive is our Self.

For everyone their own Self is the most important than anything in this universe. Emotional we can tell some one else we love is more important than our own Self. The truth is we are born and living for our own Self.

We constantly have conversation with our own Self, using the pretext of communicating to others. We use all our external five sensual organs to connect to the happiness that our own Self radiates all the time.

We require proof for everything except our own Self (Axiomatic Self). Anything we perceive is when that connects to our Self. However we hardly pay attention to this self.

Wishes and prayers are all directed to our own Self, but we use the pretext of an external source or God for help, guidance and inspiration. Hardly we know that we tap into our own Self for this Energy.

Our Journey of life is in seeking our Self, by peeling off the layers of our physical, body, emotional mind, reasoning intelligence to our core of Self-Awareness that embraces everything as our own Self.

The above process of Self-discovery is defined as "Selftual".

Selftual is to transform oneself for one's own happiness which will then radiate to all around ourself.

Selftual prayer to one's own Self: I, myself, for my own benefit, transform my thoughts, actions within me. Through this I see a change around my family/community.

''நான் எனக்காக, என்னுடைய நலனுக்காக, எனது எண்ணங்களை, செயல்களை என்னுள் மாற்றிக் கொள்கிறேன்.அதன் மூலம் என்னைச் சார்ந்த சமூஹத்தில் மாற்றத்தைக் காண்கிறேன்”- selftual என்ற வார்த்தையின் விளக்கம்.

Selftual Living: Being Selftual is different from being Selfish. In being Selftual one is focussed on everything from the view point of from one's Self. Every thought action is viewed and acted upon connecting to one's Self. In simple terms one asks a question whether any thought or action is useful for one's Self. This means doing action for one's own satisfaction for not pleasing anybody. Doing action that fulfills one's desire and not for any body else desires. To do action that makes one happy and not for anybody's happiness. This is Selftual living.

However being Selftual is opposite of being Selfish. In Selfish, one does embrace other Self as one's Self. In Selftual one embrace other self as one's own Self. In Selfish, the view is from one's body and mind as Self. In Selftual one identifies intelligence level or awareness levels as one's Self. This could be understood by viewing our Self from five different views.

The Self may mean to be different to different individuals or to the same individuals at different time periods. To understand this paradox, we have classified the way we identify or view our Self at five levels.

What is the use of this classification?

In science, we classify things to have a better understanding on the object. Example we in biology we classify plants,  animals and all other living beings and wo we understand how they evolved, how the function, the similarities , dismilarities etc. The same way classification in physics about the forces that influence the universe, our bodies give a deeper understanding of the phenomemon of energy.

Classification of our Self in five levels gives us a deeper understanding of our qualities, abilities, our strength, weakness, solutions to our problems, meaning to our life etc.

Ultimate use of this classification is to make life always happy.

This Selftual science can be understood in many ways. Throughout history many men and women have given their deepest understanding fot the benfit of humanity.

Please read this in more detail for bringing a change in your life.

Axiomatic Self Awareness

Axiom is a Self evident Truth, that requires no proof. The only axiom is your own Self. You dont need a proof for yourself. We never doubt whether we exist.

We dont go to a doctor to know whether we are alive. It is Self evident.

But we go a doctor to know what type or cause of a health  problem we have,  because problem is evident and not the type or cause of it. Plus we also expect a treatment for it.

We dont go to a teacher to know to whether you have a life to live. It is Self Evident.

But we go to a teacher to know the type and cause of our life problems and also a treatment solution for it.

But if still you are looking for a Truth, it is because you are searching for your Self. It is like trying to find some one or something which we are not ourself clear. A simple logic to solve this problem is firstly to know what we are not searching for. This means you should know what you are and what you are not.

 Is the Self your changing body, changing mind, changing intelligence?.  Is there an unchanging real Self? has it anything to do with Science, neuro-science, psychology, God, religion, etc?

  May be you are looking for a proof for the validaity of the above statements. Click here to know that one thing in this universe alone does not a proof.


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