Tamil Nadu Uni5 Yatra

Uni5 Yatra in the places of Tamil nadu starts from Chennai and ends up in Trivanathapuram, kerala.

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There are several tours arranged for international and domestic tourists. They do a great job of giving the best experience to the tourist.

Then what is unique about the Uni5 Yatra tours? Our guides are specially trained in the light of the oldest philosophical thought of Bharath. Analysing by dissecting into parts (Enumeration) and then experiencing it in an unified pattern is a profund wholistic apprach given to mankind.

Based on this approach Ancient Bharath Science of Energy was developed giving it a mathematical approach to experience Divinity (that which is indivisible in absolute Consciousness, but divisible in its relative field of Energy).

Temples of Bharath are constructed with such patterns (Vaastu) of geometry to experience Consciousness and tap the Energy vibrations needed to fullfil desires to attain Eternal state of happiness.

In this Uni5 Sakthi Yatra... we give the tourist this experience of the unification of their five aspects of the being.



Uni5 Sakthi Yatra to Rameshwaram

Uni5 Sakthi Yatra - September 26 and September 27 2018.

In and Out of Rameshwaram Dr.Madeswaran explaining all the details of the temple, History, Puranas and details which are not commonly told. 

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Uni5 Yatra, A Self Discovery Journey for Yogic Unification

Life is a yatra for Self Discovery. A journey to Self-identify that we lost in the various layers of Energy veils  - Body-Energy, Mind-Energy, Intelligence-Energy, Self-Awareness and Consciousness.

Every moment we spend  Energy in these sheaths and attain happiness (Eight Lakshmi's) and also experience pain (Suffering) when the Energy is deficient.  However we can generate this Energy  with Awareness (Self Awareness Energy -SAL Energy)  to make our life comfortable. Freedom from this  continuous cycle of earning and spending  Energy is  Moksha, which also requires a critical amount of SAL Energy. In summary whether to keep the material life happy or to attain Moksha, SAL Energy is inevitable. 

One of the ways to increase this SAL Energy is through Yatra (Pilgrimage). We get benefits according to our own mind status (Attitudes) and efforts that we take to unveils our Sheaths. Yatras are often the Self-examination of our own state when we confronts challenges in the journey.

The Uni5 Yatra community will try its best to give the pilgrims comfortness, physically, emotionally, intellectually and Spiritually as possible. It is the choice of  pilgrims to transcend  limitations and take an Inner Journey to their own Self during the pilgrimmage. We assure you complete guidance in this attempt.

The Epic Yatra by Pt Mahesh will be very comfortable and spiritually uplifting.

The Sabarimala Tour with Guruji will have very less physical comforts and naturally highest spiritual upliftment. We get benefits according to our own mind status (Attitudes) and efforts that we take to unveils our Sheaths. Yatras are often the Self-examination of our own state when we confronts challenges in the journey. Pilgrims will get a chance to unveil or Self-identify their veils and cast off cocooning pupal sheaths and attain Moksha or inner-freedom like a butterfly.


A the end of our pilgrimage  yatra we are left with or accrued   lot of energy that can be used according to our own choice.

Experience this Uni5 Journey!

                      Yathra, A Journey to the Self-Awareness.
Purpose of life is to be happy. All living beings enjoy physical sensorial pleasures to maximum and to some levels of emotional and intelligence pleasures. It is for Human we can have Self-Awareness experience, which we call as Spiritual happiness. One who has attained that happiness while living have been remembered in all ages of history. They are called Avatars because they resonate that Comic pattern of Self-Awareness in them. A journey the birth and lived places gives the SAL Energy for us either for our material life and or Spiritual progress. 

We are planning for such a YATRA in our  SACRED land where the AVATARS  descended for helping us to increase (good) our Self-Awareness and protect us from wasting (Evil) our own Life-Energy.  good. In this yatra we are taking up SHRI RAMA avatar ... the place where Shri Rama was born ,the yatra he went with  Sage Viswamithra to put an end to Tataka and Subagu, proceeding to Mithila where he meets Sita and their wedding takes place. Back in Ayodhya where they lived for ten years and as per  Queen Kaikeyi's boon they leave to vanavas for 14 years...their way upto the time they reach Chitrakoot .Shri Rama showed what dharma is by leading such a life. We should be blessed to go in the path that Shri Rama and Shri Sita went to establish dharma in this sacred land.

Objective of this Yatra: Let us take the foot steps of Lord Rama and experience that Self-Awareness Energy within us and be connected to the Divine (Bhakthi). We will help to the maximum extent in experiencing this Journey of Self-Discovery through this Pilgrimage.
                                            JAI SHRI RAM
From 29.04.2014  to  13.05.2014.
02.30 .pm  starting  from  Coimbatore in  Rapthi sagar express.
01.5.2014  reaching Lucknow
 proceeding  to   Naimisharaniam
Holy  bath in  Gomathi river  & Chakra  theertham.
Visit Shri Vyasa, Suka and Suta  Peedam'
Darsan of Shri Devarajan and Shri Hanuman
Visit to Shri Valmiki Ashram,the place where Shri Ramayana originated,birth place of Lava and Kusa.
Chitrakootam---Mandakini,Shri RamGhat.
Kamathgiri--the place where Shri Bharathan received Padukas from Shri Rama.
Shri Athri, Anusaya Ashram,Hanumath Dhara,Gupta Godavari  and Spatika Sila.
Allhabad--Shri Bharadwaj Ashram , Shri VeniMadavan, Triveni snanam, Sringiperapuram,
Guha Sakyam.
Rishyasringar Ashram , Place where Shri Rama rested for a day with Guha .
Ayodhya --Shri Rama janma bhoomi ,Kanakabhavan,Dasarathar's palace ,Valmiki Bhavan, Guptar ghat [place where  Shri Rama entered Sarayu with the natives of Ayodhya to Srivaikundam]
Nandigram[place from where Shri Bharathan ruled Ayodhya on behalf of Shri Rama's Padukas.]
Kamashramam[place where Siva burnt Manmadan]--Shri Rama accompanied Viswamithra
Tatakavanam,Siddhashram,Ganga-Sarayu sangamam, Shri Gautama Ashram,Ganga--Kantaki sangamam, Place where Gajendra moksham took place.
Place where Agalya's curse took place.
Shri Sitamarhi --place where Shri Sita took birth.
Janakapuri-- Wedding Hall [where the wedding of Sita- Rama, Mandavi- Bharathan,Urmila-Lakshman, Sruthakirthi-Satrugan took place]
Place where Shri Rama broke the bow.
Shri Janaka's palace.
From Janakapuri [Nepal] to Pokara.
From Pokara to Jomsom by flight
From Jomsom to Shri Mukthinath[Saligram] by Jeep....Darshan of Shri MukthiNarayanan and back to Jomsom.
Back to Pokara  by flight.
Pokara to Gorakhpur
From Gorakhpur to Coimbatore by train enroute Chennai.
                       The sacred rivers that we  can take darshan and holy dip in this Yatra are
                                       JAI SITA RAM
YATRA FARE: RS 33,500/ [Rupees Thirty three thousand and Five hundred only]
[includes Train ticket,2x2 Push Back Seater bus fare,Food and beverages, Flightcharges and boarding]
1.Copy of Ration card or VoterID for ID Proof and 2nos Passportsize Photos should be  given along with payment in advance.
2.Limited clothes.
4.Plate and Glass.
5.Lock and key.
7.Torch Light
8.Offerings[Dry fruits] for the Lord
Fares[Boat, Autoand entrance fee] relating to local trips in the Shetras are the yatrika's responsibility.
Rs20,000/[Rupees Fifteen Thousand only] should  be paid and the names should be registered before 10/03/2013 for  making further arrangements. Earlier registration will help us for perfect arrangements.
[People who wish to withdraw after payment and registration should find an alternate yatrika
in place of them,Money will not be refunded]

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