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December 2021

Common Drugs Affect Our Gut Microbiome Differently, With Good and Bad Impacts on Health


November 2021

When the Gut's Internal Ecosystem Goes Awry, Could an Ancient If Gross-Sounding Treatment Make It Right?

October 2021

A Gut Feeling: Understanding How Our Gut Microbiome Communicates With Our Immune System


‘Gut Bugs’ Can Drive Prostate Cancer Growth and Treatment Resistance


September 2021

Gut Bacteria Might Be an Indicator of Colon Cancer Risk

August 2021

New Insights Into How the 'first Brain' Works in the Gut


July 2021





June 2021

'Multi-Kingdom Dialogue' Between Internal, External



Link Found Between Gut Microbes and Stroke


Bacteria Are Connected to How Babies Experience Fear

May 2021

'Good' Bacteria Show Promise for Clinical Treatment of Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis

Ancient Gut Microbiomes May Offer Clues to Modern Diseases


A Sulfosugar from Green Vegetables Promotes the Growth of Important Gut Bacteria


New Evidence Links Gut Bacteria and Neurodegenerative Conditions

Gut Microbiome Plays Role in Autism, Study Finds


April 2021

Overgrowth of Gut Yeast in Newborns May Increase Asthma Risk


Gut Microbiota in Cesarean-Born Babies Catches Up

Mar 2021

Domestication and Industrialization Lead to Similar Changes in Gut Microbiota


Are 'Bacterial Probiotics' a Game-Changer for the Biofuels Industry?


The Gut Mycobiome Influences the Metabolism of Processed Foods

Feb 2021

Genotoxic E. Coli 'caught in the Act'

Scientists Identify How Harmless Gut Bacteria 'turn Bad'

Jan 2021



Lactobacillus Manipulates Bile Acids to Create Favorable Gut Environment

Newly Discovered Subset of Brain Cells Fight Inflammation With Instructions from the Gut 


Feb 2021

Fecal Microbiota Transplants Help Patients With Advanced Melanoma Respond to Immunotherapy

Fungi in the Gut Prime Immunity Against Infection



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