Environmental News 2020



Dec 2020

Highest Levels of Microplastics Found in Molluscs, New Study Says

Salt-Tolerant Bacteria With an Appetite for Sludge Make Biodegradable Plastics

New Study Links Cadmium to More Severe Flu, Pneumonia Infections


Plastics Pose Threat to Human Health, Report Shows

Biological Diversity Evokes Happiness


Air Pollution Spikes Linked to Lower Test Scores for Salt Lake County Third Graders

Nov 2020 

Pollution and Pandemics: A Dangerous Mix

Tropical Peatland Conservation Could Protect Humans from New Diseases


Dairy Cows Exposed to Heavy Metals Worsen Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogen Crisis

More Green Spaces Can Help Boost Air Quality, Reduce Heart Disease Deaths

Oct 2020

September 2020

Silk Offers Homemade Solution for COVID-19 Prevention

August 2020

Pollution Linked to Antibiotic Resistance


July 2020

What silicone wristbands say about chemical exposure in Uruguayan children

Pesticides Speed Spread of Deadly Pathogens

Climate Change: Heavy Rain After Drought May Cause Fish Kills

June 2020


Ecosystem Degradation Could Raise Risk of Pandemics


More Evidence of Causal Link Between Air Pollution and Early Death

Study in Philadelphia Links Growth in Tree Canopy to Decrease in Human Mortality


Ocean uptake of carbon dioxide could drop as carbon emissions are cut


May 2020

How Air Pollution Can Lead to Damaged Brain ...

South Asia Faces Increased Threat of Extreme Heat, Extreme Pollution, Study Shows

Variance in Tree Species Results in the Cleanest Urban Air

April 2020

Aquaculture at the Crossroads of Global Warming and Antimicrobial Resistance

Rising Carbon Dioxide Causes More Than a Climate Crisis -- It May Directly Harm Our Ability to Think

River-Groundwater Hot Spot for Arsenic

What Are the Environmental Impacts of Cancer Drugs?

March 2020

Air Pollution Linked to Dementia and Cardiovascular Disease

New Wastewater Treatment Process Removes Health Hazardous Chemicals

Weedy rice is unintended legacy of Green Revolution

Concrete solutions that lower both emissions and air pollution

Air pollution is one of the world's most dangerous health risks

Feb 2020

Positive Effect of Cover Crops On Soil ...

Climate Effects of Air Pollution and Inequality

New biochemical compound breaks down environmental pollutants

Catalyst Recycles Greenhouse Gases Into Fuel

New green technology generates electricity 'out of thin air'

Synthetic chemicals in soils are 'ticking time bomb'

Researchers discover new arsenic compounds in rice fields

Reconnecting with nature key for the health of people and the planet

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